The One Day Flip Review

The One Day Flip review. This article lets you learn more about this real estate wholesaling business program. Cameron Dunlap is a name that comes up a lot if you are looking for information about real estate investing.

Is flipping houses still a thing? Can you still earn money with his strategies? Who is Cameron Dunlap? We’ll talk about everything in this complete review.

Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He was born in 1965 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and he has been in the real estate business for a long time.

Actually around 30 years, as he started his real estate investing business in 1993. Alongside this, he started teaching and speaking about the subject in 1995.

He founded the company “Real Estate Wealth Network”, of which he is also the CEO. The company sells software and training. Cameron invests his time in launching products for real estate investors. His company has also created programs, products, and tools for real estate wholesaling. 

Cameron says that he has a way for you to get in your mailbox monthly checks of around $44,862 while only working a few hours a week. And, what’s best: You don’t even need to invest any of your own money.

Are people saying good things about The One Day Flip and Cameron?

Cameron’s programs have received mixed reviews, but that doesn’t mean he’s a scammer. These programs may have helpful information. But these mixed reviews have a catch. The positive ones only appear to come from his affiliates and his official sites.

Another point that we have to consider is that there is scant information regarding Cameron’s net worth, and what’s more concerning is that there is no record anywhere online about his investment portfolio. Many claim that he makes most of his money from his programs and courses. 

Cameron Dunlap's programs and trainings

Cameron has a lot of programs and tools that are included in his Real Estate Wealth Network. We’ll cover all of them for you now.

First, let’s talk about his products and tools: 

  1. Motivated Seller Data Feed: With this, you’ll be able to access information on the house owner, sales details as well as the history of transactions of the property. You can ‘stack’ the list to the highly motivated ones. You can also download 1000 leads per 30 days. For $1, you can have a 3-day trial and then it is $99 monthly. 
  2. Vacant House Data Feed: This is the basic version of the motivated seller data feed. You’ll have unlimited access to verified vacant houses. Its cost is $9.99 for a 30-day trial.
  3. Cash Buyer Data Feed: Every month, you’ll get the contact details of more than 60,000 new cash buyers. It shows you the activity of the big players. It costs $147 for 3 months, or $247 for nationwide data yearly. 
  4. Private Data Lender Feed: Get access to the contact details of the richest and active private lenders for $147 for 3 months, or $247 for nationwide data yearly.
  5. Absentee Owner Data Feed: Over 28 million absentee details of owners across the US. This one is for free.
  6. iFlip Real Estate: This tool is one of the most used. This tool automates a lot of the work for you, and has 3 websites. 14-day trial for $1.95, then $79.99 monthly:
  • Finds Bird Dogs: This lets you specify the exact type of properties you are looking for, and attracts bird dogs.
  • Finds Buyers: Helps you grow your buyer’s list.
  • For Sellers: This will be your site as a real estate investor. This site will let everyone know you are legit and not a scam. This is good for attracting motivated sellers.
Real Estate Wealth Network review
  1. Cameron’s Inner Circle: Access live webinars 2 times a month and recordings of webinars from over 2 years. Access to knowledge base and support from question bank. The cost is $3.95 for the 30-day trial, and $74.95 monthly.
  2. Custom Comps: lets you generate custom market reports, detailed sales histories, and access to a heat map for your reference. This is good for listed and unlisted properties. The Custom Comps will only be available with REI Trifecta.
  3. Find the seller: run comprehensive and dossier-style searches for you to locate property owners. You’ll need credits, or you can pay per order with the following searches: 
  • Premium skip trace: Comprehensive report of dossier-style information that is up to date.
  • Tax roll search: This is useful when you don’t have a name but only an address. The reports will generally include property information, prior owners, sale price, assessed value, square footage, lot size, and date of sale. 
  • Business Background Check: It will perform background checks on the target and business. Helpful in locating hard-to-find business owners, for making partnerships, or decisions on investments. 
  • Judgments, bankruptcies, and liens: Nationwide coverage and a full background check on searches of necessary court actions. 
  1. Real Estate Skip Trace: You can generate traces for hard-to-find owners of abandoned properties. It will give you an edge over the competition.

Now let’s get to the training programs:

  1. REI Trifecta: It claims to be the trifecta for your success in real estate investment, for sellers that are motivated and for hungry buyers. Its cost is $1,497. This training package includes the following: 
  • Motivated Seller Data Feed: Access for 1 year
  • Cash Buyer Data Feed: Access for 1 year
  • 150 skip-trace searches
  • 1 year of funding of up to $1M on an unlimited number of deals.
  • Exclusive custom comps system
  • 2 tickets for virtual training with Cameron
The One Day Flip Scam
  1. Private Lender Training: Its cost is $97. With this training program, you will learn how to find and close deals, access funds via private lenders, and become a private lender. It includes an SEC compliance manual.
  2. Where to get the money: Learn the top 4 strategies for funding your deals without worrying about your credit score, and without needing the bank's money. It is digital audio training. Its cost is $129.
  3. How to get agents to work for you: It's a digital training in audio that will teach you the strategy to get real estate agents to work with you, and help you manage them to get good deals. Its cost is $129.
  4. Financial calculator: Learn the principal factors in real estate transactions to generate offers that maximize your profit. Its cost is $149. It will include a training program called "The Professional Real Estate Investor's Power Tool" to learn how to use the financial calculator. And finally, you’ll get a 45 page digital manual, written by Cameron himself, and a cheat sheet for quick reference at the end.
  1. Sell Fast and Make more: Learn techniques to sell houses with less effort, and faster in 2 audio CD’s. Its cost is $129.
  2. The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-by-line: It will teach you the agreements in buying and selling as a wholesale investor in the 3 audio CD’S. Its cost is $129.
  3. Crushing the competition with vacant houses: You will learn how to flip empty houses and foreclosures and make money with them. Also, it will teach you the pre-screen prospects and margin offers with high profit, follow-up, closing, and, most importantly, how to find properties fast.  Its cost is $97.
  4. Overcoming seller objections: A digital playbook in which you’ll learn how to deal with motivated sellers with created proven scripts. Its cost is $97.

It’s worth saying that if you sign to any of the courses or training of Cameron, you’ll get, aside from REI Trifecta, an official deal funding certificate that is worth $600,000. It can be used to close the student’s deals.

Now, Cameron has just released in May 2022 a new training course under Awesome REI, LLC.

The One Day Flip review. What is it?

It’s a training course that costs $97 in which you’ll learn the method of flipping houses in just one day that comes with the $600,000 funding, that can only be used if that deal is going to take place on the same day. The course consists of 4 core video presentations, one which is the kick-start video and the other ones are: 

  1. Seller Line up: It will teach you how to get off market pre foreclosure deals, work with realtors and houses that are not listed, a copy of the goldmine ad used by Cameron for you to use it in the local paper or online, access to the price calculator, scripts and seller’s agreement. 
  2. Buyer Line up: Learn how to pitch buyers and get deals under contract. You’ll access a 4 word Google search phrase to find hundreds of repeat buyers. 
  3. Flipping the deal: You’ll get a list of title companies, learn how to approach them, what words to say, and the method to close title companies on that exact day. It will also teach you how to email the buyer’s seller’s agreement to the company.

How much does The One Day Flip cost?

The One Day Flip, including all the content videos, costs $97. But that's not to say there won't be upsells after you make your initial purchase.

Does it offer a refund?

Yes, it offers a 30-day full refund.

Is The One Day Flip a scam?

The courses of Cameron Dunlap teach the real estate wholesaling business, and he also offers tools that help you with it and complement his trainings. The business model is buying foreclosure properties while using private lenders to fund them, and then selling the properties to private buyers. 

We don't believe it's a scam because this business model has been used for many years. 

The thing is that Cameron divides the content of all his programs and trainings, for you to have to buy each one of them when you encounter a problem that needs a specific answer whilst wholesaling real estate. 

If you have experience in real estate, you could decide only to buy one or two of the programs, but being new to all of this, it seems like you have to buy all of them to understand the whole picture. 

You’ll spend more money than first advertised, which is not a good option. 

Are there additional costs to the One Day Flip?

It doesn't appear so, but as we discussed earlier, If you want to learn everything regarding the real estate wholesaling business, you’ll need to buy all the courses and trainings on the list we earlier on in the article, and the price will be much higher. 

Are there any One Day Flip complaints?

The reviews are mixed. However, as we discussed earlier, most positive ones come from the site users and their affiliates. 

We found one on Bigger Pockets, where Mr Dunlap is being called a “con artist”, although there are always going to be unsatisfied customers with any business, and this may be an isolated incident.

Cameron Dunlap complaints

Pros and Cons


  • Experienced investors created the program
  • Appears to be fairly reasonably priced


  • There may be many other tools and additional costs required
  • You may end up paying much more than advertised
  • Bad reviews on refund policies 

The One Day Flip review verdict

The real estate wholesaling business is an actual thing. It's not a scam, and you have success with it. You can also make a lot of money with it.

However, having been involved in real estate for many years myself, I now prefer making a living online, from the comfort of my own home.

I hope the one day flip review was helpful and you learned everything you needed.

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