I love high ticket affiliate marketing.

Yes, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a nice chunky $8,945 commission landing in your PayPal account...

affiliate marketing coach

But I also love it for the 50 foot commute from our bedroom to my home office...

View from home office

View from my home office in East Texas, USA

I love it for the time freedom it gives me to be able to take the family out at the drop of the hat, or just play with my kids in the yard.

I love it because it meant I got to see my son walk for the first time, my daughter crawl for the first time, and my other daughter say her first word...

Because I wasn’t trapped in an office cubicle somewhere...

John with kids

I love it because I’m able to donate to our church (we're Christians!), and support the causes that we care about...

Orphanage in Pakistan

Little Treasures Orphanage, Lahore Pakistan

As a kid back in Scotland, I was indoctrinated with the usual “go to school and get a good job” idea...

And after duly getting my Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence degree back in Scotland, I obediently began my corporate career as a software engineer in Bristol and then London...

John graduation

Computer Science & AI Graduation, 1995

It was exciting to begin with but it wasn’t long before I got tired of the long, sweaty commutes on a crowded subway train...

The too-early alarm clocks...

And being told by my boss when I could take a vacation or my lunch break...

Real estate was my ticket out of the rat race 

Then, one day, I saw an ad for a real estate investing seminar, which I attended...

I didn’t purchase the training being offered, but at last I’d found the vehicle that I believed would give me the time and financial freedom I desired. 

In 2003, I took a sabbatical from my job with the intention of returning to Scotland to start my real estate portfolio.

Literally the day before I was going to hand in my notice, I received a letter informing me that I’d been made redundant.

I was livid!

They’d beaten me to the punch, but whatever, this way I got a payoff too, so I wasn’t complaining.

Long story sort, I ended up being pretty successful in real estate, building up a sizable rental portfolio. And building up and selling a property management company along the way. 

Affiliate marketing was the answer for this introvert

After selling that management company in 2011, I was burn out. And honestly, the property business is really a “people” business, and that’s very draining for an introvert like me.

So I did what you likely did, and Googled “how to make money online”...

And before long, I was building my first affiliate website, using a tool called SBI!.

That was pretty successful, and soon I was topping affiliate contest leaderboards in the real estate niche...

Affiliate Marketing Mentor

Later on, I created a bunch of my own digital products, and even a website builder SAAS for real estate investors.

All told, I’ve done multiple six figures in sales of affiliate and my own digital products.

I met my now wife online in 2015, and my affiliate marketing business gave me the freedom to travel to visit her in California.

We married in 2016, and once she’d had enough of the Scottish weather (can’t say I blame her!), we moved to Arizona and now East Texas, where we are developing our little homestead, as the world slides towards the apocalypse.

John & Heather

Marrying the love of my life, 2016

4 emails nearly paid for our honeymoon

We had an amazing honeymoon in the Maldives...

And I only had to open my laptop a couple times, to send a few emails to my list...

(You can see a pic of me sending them below. Sadly a dad bod has now replaced my once trim beach body 😂)

Sending those emails earned me nearly $2,000, which essentially paid a good chunk of the cost of the vacation...

And here’s the kicker: I didn’t even write the emails myself!

Honeymoon in the Maldives

I was frustrated with scuzzy marketing tactics

Over the years, I’ve always been frustrated with the scuzzy tactics I saw being used in the internet marketing industry...

Think fake scarcity, fake live webinars etc.

(Who still falls for that stuff anyway??!)

I feel like these things are really crutches people use to make up for weak persuasion skills.

Basically I saw a need for someone teaching ethical affiliate marketing...

Because you don’t need that scuzzy stuff to be successful!

So, having somewhat won the battle against my own “impostor” syndrome, I am now journeying into the shark infested waters of affiliate marketing coaching.

Maybe you’ll join me on my journey? 

God bless. 

John Wilson Affiliate Coach

John Wilson

Having been affiliate marketing since 2012, John has made multiple 6-figures in sales, both as an affiliate and as a digital product creator, in the real estate, digital business and other niches.

John is Scottish, but now lives in East Texas with his wife, three children, one dog, and eight chickens. He enjoys snowboarding (not in Texas), travel, and talking Bible prophecy to anyone who’ll listen!