O2 Traffic Review

This O2 Traffic review will expose some serious issues I personally found with this program, having purchased it. 

That way, you’ll know whether to invest your hard earned cash in it or not. 

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What is O2 Traffic?

O2 Traffic is a course by Tarun Rathi which claims to introduce you to a lesser known, very cheap source of traffic for your offers and products. 

It’s being much touted on Facebook ads right now, so that’s likely where you saw it. 

It’s all about advertising on GPN (Graphical Push Notifications), which are essentially push notifications that appear on your mobile device, after you agree to them when downloading an app for example. 

The attraction of the course is easy to see, as course creators and affiliate marketers are always looking for ways to get more buyers for their products, in the most economical way.

Who is Tarun Rathi?

Tarun Rathi seems to be a serial internet entrepreneur, who had his start with eCommerce.

Indeed, after you opt into his list, you start getting plied with emails about his other — presumably high ticket — e-commerce program TheBreedBusiness. 

This is a service that allows you to market exclusive pet-related products, produced by his company. He claims that these products are so in demand that you can sell them successfully with $5 per day Facebook ad sets. 

o2 traffic scam

What’s in the O2 Traffic program?

Getting back to O2Traffic, here’s what you get with the package. 

Week 1: O2 Traffic Mindset & Basics

In this module, we are introduced to the basics of the GPN network, and how it’s “mindset” differs to to advertising on Facebook for example. 

Just so you know, if you don’t sign up for the program immediately, you’ll eventually get offered access to this module for free. 

Trainings in this module are: Goal oriented approach (GOA), Understanding Ad spent (sic), Facebook Ads Vs GNP, Defining Results - The right way, Conclusion & Worksheet.

Week 2: GPN Introduction & Networks

Week two introduces the Graphical Push Notification (GPN) model, and the networks that serve this type of ads.

Trainings in this module are: Graphical Push Notification: Ad Process, GPN Legality, GPN Ad Network 1: Introduction, Week 2: Conclusion & Worksheet.

Week 3: Product Selection, Landing Page and Image Mastery

In this module, we are introduced to how to select the best affiliate product to promote, and how to design the landing page. We're also instructed on how to choose images to use in our ads.

I'd add the trainings in this module, but as if to illustrate the high quality of this course, I am currently locked out of all modules after week 2!

Week 4: GPN Campaigns & Result Analysis

In this module, we are introduced to how to formulate GPN campaigns, and how to analyze results of your campaigns.

Week 5: GPN Advance

In this module, we are introduced to advanced strategies using GPN. I'd love to add more detail, but as I say, I'm currently locked out of this section.

BONUS Module: FB Scale Pro (Elite Members Only)

In the bonus module, which is only available if you upgrade to the Elite version -- and even then, only if you satisfy certain performance requirements with your GPN ads -- you'll be introduced to how to scale your campaigns using Facebook ads.

o2 traffic complaints

How much does O2Traffic cost?

The basic version of O2Traffic costs $97. The Elite version is priced at $197. 

(If you don’t take the upsell at time of purchase for an additional $100, then they offer you it for half price by email the day after you purchase.)

However, it appears to have originally been sold at $997, with the Elite version priced at $1,997.

This probably explains why the support is now so lackluster (see below).

Are there any hidden costs?

Not really, though you’ll obviously need hosting or a funnel builder if you don’t have it already. At least if you want to build your own list or sell your own product, anyway. 

In terms of the traffic platform, I realized that on top of the fee for the clicks there seems to be about a 12% fee on top of that for “advertising services”. I was kind of surprised to receive that by email after paying for the traffic. So I guess you could call that a hidden cost. 

Is O2Traffic a scam?

No, but there are definitely a few issues with it that make it not as great of a proposition as it appears.

The first is that we're enticed in on the premise that we'll be getting clicks for a fraction of the price of other, more popular networks. 

That may be, but what Tarun doesn’t tell you is that conversions on his secret platform are way lower too. 

To give you an idea, I spent $100, and got precisely seven (7) opt ins to my squeeze page. 

That’s $12 per lead, which is terrible. 

If I’d spent the same money on a good solo ad for example, I’d have got probably 12 times that result, at a cost of around $1 per lead. 

Starting to sound a bit less sexy now?

Are there any O2 Traffic complaints?

I wasn’t able to find any other complaints online, but here’s mine...

So, I upgraded to the so-called “Elite” upsell package for an extra $50...

(If you don’t take the upsell at time of purchase for an additional $100, then they offer you it for half price by email the day after you purchase.)

The Elite package supposedly gives you “direct access” to Tarun. 

I’m not sure how I’m meant to get that, however, as I still only have the same single support email that everyone else has.

I emailed them a simple question about the course twice over the course of about a week and didn't get a response for several days. Eventually I did get a response and was told that my email had gone into their spam folder.

I also sent them a request for a refund, which was ignored. 

O2 Traffic Pros & Cons

This is the part of our O2 Traffic review where we weigh up the pros and cons of this course.


  • Fairly comprehensive training course, I guess 


  • Poor quality traffic that even though it’s cheap costs more than a solo ad
  • Hidden charges from recommended traffic platform (PropellerAds)
  • The upsell with supposed “direct access” gets you precisely nothing
  • No refund guarantee
  • No sample landing pages included for the "make money online" niche

O2 Traffic review verdict

In a word: avoid. There are better ways to spend your money than this waste of time course. 

Thanks for reading my O2 Traffic review, we hope you found it useful in evaluating this product.

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