Low-Hanging System Review

Low-Hanging System Review. Everything you need to know is in this article. We are constantly seeing ads for these kinds of courses all around the internet. 

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We are always on the lookout for these courses, to review them so you don’t have to buy them. And to save you from the bullet in case it’s not worth your time. 

At this time, we need to be very careful where we put our money and time because the empty promises of programs, courses, and videos are being multiplied. 

That’s why we decided to make this review. In the article, you will know what is the Low-Hanging System, who is Rachel Rofé, its creator, what you get with the course, how much it costs, if it has additional costs, if this course is legit, and much more. 

What is the Low-Hanging System? 

“Discover how you can make DAILY sales of on-demand products on the world’s biggest e-commerce sites without spending ANY money”

“No ad costs, no outsourced costs, no risk”

In fact, this is the first statement that Rachel Rofé, the creator of the Low-Hanging System says to its potential clients about her course. 

But what is the Low-Hanging System?

The Low-Hanging System is a course that trains you and teaches you to implement a system in which you will sell print-on-demand products. 

The products that you can sell are the ones that can be printed like jewelry, mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, posters, and more. 

These products will be sold on big e-commerce sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. 

In fact, this course promises that you can start selling those products without spending any money.

The course also provides a tool for finding profitable niches, and how to integrate them with a service called GearBubble.

Rachel Rofe scam

Who is Rachel Rofé, the creator of the Low-Hanging System course?

The official site of Rachel Rofé, states that she’s an online marketer that has been selling online since 1997. 

Additionally, it claims that Rachel has created multiple companies that have over 100 employees each, and that since 2016, she has dedicated her time to teaching her students the print-on-demand business model for sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

She is also a best-selling author that has been featured in Woman’s World, Entrepreneur, and Fox News

Some of her books are: Don’t Get Sucked Into Bad News, Take Control Of Your Life: A 2-hour plan to help you set and reach your goals, Websites That Make Life Easier: 23 Places You Can Go Online To Be More Productive, Healthier, And Happier, as well as 5 Minute Morning Boosters: How to create a short morning routine and supercharge your life.

You can find them all on Amazon.

She’s also the host of the podcast “A better life, with Rachel Rofé” which inspires other people to always choose to have a better life, how to discover their purpose, productivity habits, business topics, and how to give value to others. 

What is print on demand?

Shopify (the big e-commerce platform that helps you create your store) has a guide about print on demand. 

In it, they talk about this business model. What you do is work with a supplier of white-label products (products that don’t have any logo or brand on them) like t-shirts, tote bags, baseball hats, and more. You then customize them with a design of your making and sell them in a pre-order scheme. 

You will sell these products under your brand and with your designs. 

The benefits of using this business model are that, if you want to go the traditional route and buy stock, maybe there will be some products that will not be sold and that would be a lost investment. 

However, with print-on-demand, you don’t have to pay the cost of any of the products until after you’ve already sold them. You don’t need to hold any inventory.

You’ll also save time and money with the handling and shipping, given that the supplier will take care of all the processes, from the digital printing of the product to the shipping of the order.

Surprisingly, the print-on-demand business has grown more than 12% over the last years and the market size of this business is calculated at 4.91 billion in 2021, and by 2022 it was expected to reach 6.17 billion.

The scheme lets you save time, risk, and money by creating your products, and starting your small business without any actual investment. 

Another benefit of these services is that fulfilling an order is very simple, it will take you just a few clicks.

What is GearBubble?

GearBubble is a website platform builder that has print-on-demand activated functions. The platform will let you connect to different e-commerce stores. Its direct competitors are companies like Printful, Printify, and Merch by Amazon.

GearBubble allows you to connect your store to sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

The platform focuses on helping you create your store, but not just any store, a store that is dedicated 100% to sales. Taking care of loading times, customer experience, shopping carts, and more. 

GearBubble Pro offers a 14-day trial and after it ends, you’ll have the option to buy two packages, one for startup stores at $97 a month and the other for growing stores at $297 a month. 

One negative trait of these platforms compared to its competitors is that the stores that you’ll be able to create in GearBubble are straight and simple. They are not design oriented.

After all, the important aspect of using GearBubble is the print-on-demand integration. When you use print-on-demand, you’ll have to work with third-party suppliers, all of them have different functions, catalogs, and approaches. 

GeaBubble will let you design your product through your store and integrate it with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. 

Accordingly, GearBubble focuses on making easier the confirmation processes for printing-on-demand, helping you with seasonal campaigns, it will also recommend prices based on your niche and products and it will show you your real profit from each sale. 

What do you get in the Low-Hanging System course?

The course will teach you a 7-step system that will help you know the basics of how to build a print-on-demand business for products like t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags. 

These products will sell on the biggest e-commerce sites we’ve talked about already (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc).

In detail, here are the 7 steps: 

1-Find profitable niches

The course will teach you how to find these niches that have good profit and that are tested because of the demand for those products. 

It will also show you the SpotWins software tool that helps you find these niches quicker and more efficiently. 

2-Look for great sayings

The products that this course tells you to sell will only have text with quotes or sayings printed on them. Not any personal designs or logos, just sayings. This part of the course will show you how to find these “great sayings”.

Therefore, this method requires you to also use your imagination to think about these sayings and come up with new ones that will have a demand.

Subsequently, it will provide you with a Holiday Guide, because in the print-on-demand products, seasons, holidays, and special days are very important to the number of sales of your store. 

It will also come with a case study called “Watch me get sales”.

3-Setting up your account on the GearBubble platform

This part of the course will help you understand the basics of the platform you’ll be using, GearBubble, like how to set up your account, the settings of your store, and in general, how to manage and use the platform. 

4-Finding and using keywords

Keywords are one of the most important things in any online store, blog, or site and you need to know how to use them to get access to more traffic, and more potential sales. 

This part will teach you how to find them and use them on the e-commerce sites where you’ll be selling your products so people find them easier. 

This is one of the most important parts that you need to learn for this business model, given that you need to help your customers find your products. 

Without traffic, there will not be sales in your store. You need to master this skill if you want to be successful in this.

5-Launch your business on Amazon

The 5th part will show you how you can start launching your store products immediately on Amazon, and that’s one of the benefits of GearBubble because right away, you can start showing them on the site. If you didn’t use GearBubble, you would have to wait months to get your seller account approved. 

The course will also provide you with description templates for print-on-demand products. 

6-Promote and post on other platforms

In order to maximize sales and profits, you need to sell your products on other platforms, not just on Amazon. This part of the course will show you how to promote your products on the rest of the platforms like Etsy, eBay, and much more.

7-Processing orders with GearBubble

The course gives you free one-year access to the platform so they can process all your orders and fulfill them. 

How much does the Low-Hanging System cost?

As of today, the Low-Hanging System cost is $297 and it’s a one-time payment

Are there additional costs to the Low-Hanging System?

There are no additional costs to the program. However, there will be tools that you will need to pay to continue with your business. The course gives you free access for 1 year to GearBubble, but once this is over you’ll have to pay a monthly plan, which can be for startup stores at $97 a month or for growing stores at $297 a month. 

Low-Hanging System / Rachel Rofé Complaints

There aren't too many Low-Hanging System complaints out there, but we did find this one on TrustPilot (under the GearBubble category).

Rachel Rofe complaints

Is the Low-Hanging System a scam?

It’s time to answer the most important question of all: Is the Low-Hanging System a scam?

No. The course is not a scam. Print-on-demand is a business model that has existed for a while and, if done correctly, it has helped make money for many people. 

So no, you’ll not get scammed if you buy this course. You can make money with the model that Rachel is trying to teach you.

However, the downside is that there is no guarantee that you’ll make money, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get your products visible. 

Setting up your account, and your store, looking for the “great sayings”, posting them on the biggest e-commerce site, setting the fulfilling system, etc.

And the competition is very high, given that these products can be found on almost every e-commerce site. So you’ll have to master every aspect of it to stand out. 

Low Hanging System Pros & Cons


  • Print on demand model means no stock to hold
  • Save time by outsourcing product creation & fulfillment 


  • Fairly labor intensive (not passive income)
  • Very high competition
  • Relying on third party platforms that could shut your store down at any moment.

Low-Hanging System review verdict

The Low-Hanging System course is legit, and it teaches you a business model that will help you make money. It has many benefits like not holding stock, not having to invest (other than the course), and having tools that will help you automate everything.

However, it’s not all as simple as the course portrays it.


Because having to search for these sayings, setting up your store, posting your products, and promoting them will take you a lot of time and in the end, it will not be a passive income. 

And what’s worse, the competition for these kinds of products is at an all-time high. 

If you want to learn about print on demand, this course might be helpful, but all in all, there are also other and more efficient ways to learn about it. 

In conclusion, we think that there are easier and faster ways to make money online.

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