High Ticket Affiliate Coach

Congratulations! Here's What Happens Next...

Step #1 - Connect with me on Messenger
If we're not already connected on Messenger, please send me a message after clicking on the button below. If you absolutely don't want to use Messenger, you can email me, but Messenger will give you a much richer coaching experience, as I'll be able to leave you voice notes etc. 

I always try my best to get to your questions as quickly as possible, but note that evenings and weekends are primarily family time, so you may have to wait until I am back at my desk for a response. 
Step #2 - Start gathering your info
Please take a copy of this Google Sheet and start completing all the necessary info that you will gather in the following steps. This is how you'll submit your info to us later on. Please watch the video below to get a quick walkthrough of the Google Sheet.

IMPORTANT: please do not request edit access for this sheet; instead follow the instructions highlighted in yellow at the top of the sheet ALSO, please do not export or copy this sheet into any other format, it must be submitted as a Google Sheet. Thanks!
Step #3 - Sign up for the $10k affiliate program
So that you can receive commissions for the product we'll be promoting, please watch the video below. Make a note of your affiliate link in a safe place. The program is free to join. Please note: you MUST watch the whole video before signing up via the button below the video. 
Now you've signed up, please add your ENTRE affiliate account username and password to your Google sheet.

The video below walks you through what to do once you've been approved for the affiliate program. You will have received an email (be sure to monitor your spam folder too), about 24-48 working hours after you applied. No need to wait until you receive that though, keep going to the next step!
Next, we need a physical address for you. Click the button below and follow the simple instructions to get that done, and be sure to add the info to your Google sheet when done. 
Step #4 - Choose your domain name 
You'll need a domain name (something.com) to use to send your emails from, and for your funnel. Please click the button below and follow the guidance to choose one. Don't purchase it just yet though, please let me review it first (simply drop me a message on Messenger to run it by me). 
Next, I need you to purchase a private email with Namecheap. We didn't do this when purchasing your domain name because at the time of writing, the "basic" option that you need isn't made available at checkout (only a more expensive version). So, please log into your Namecheap account and follow the instructions in the video below to quickly complete this step. 
Step #5 - Sign up for Boxward 
When running paid traffic -- which we'll be doing to build your list for you -- if not done correctly, email accounts -- especially new ones, which yours will be -- can be at risk of being shut down. Boxward is our secret weapon that guards against these potential shutdowns. Please watch the video below and sign up for this service. 

PLEASE NOTE: as a result of the Boxward service, you will be receiving emails from strangers in your newly created mailbox, this is normal and you can safely ignore these!
Step #6 - Send us your details
When you've completed the steps above, simply grab grab the link to the Google Sheet I mentioned in Step #2 above, and send it to us in an email, via the button below.
Step #7 - Log into the course
I saved this step to last, because I'd prefer you focus on the above steps before getting into the course. 

Your login details were emailed to you when you signed up, but may have landed in spam/junk so please check there for an email from ThriveCart (our course platform) if you don't see it in your inbox.