High Ticket Affiliate Coach


1. Overview

Here is the checklist:

  1. Go to opt in page & check www version too
  2. Check privacy & terms pages
  3. Opt in to funnel on opt-in page
  4. Check Bridge page
  5. Check welcome email 
  6. Log into Systeme.io and check Emails settings page
  7. Check email forwarding in Namecheap
  8. Log into Bitly & check all links set correctly 
  9. Go into email campaign and check them all
  10. Ensure that sender name & sender address are set correctly too
2. Deliver your work!

Once you're done and the funnel has been successfully checked, let me know by messaging me on Messenger via the link below. Please tell me what issues you found, and if you were able to successfully correct them all.