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Are you looking for a Walmart Automation Alliance review? Maybe the ads from the company have stirred you from the inside with the beautiful dream they show of owning a business that doesn't require as much effort, but is filling up your bank account!!

Let us dive into the Walmart Automation Alliance program founded by Nick Mocuta. So we can learn for ourselves what it is all about, and if we can trust it.

What is Walmart Automation Alliance? 

The concept of earning money online has thrived in the current economic scenario. Freelancing or part-time online work is on the mind of many. People who have some savings stashed away want to make it work for them. One of the many services claiming to use your cash and build you a successful business is Nick Mocuta's Walmart Automation Alliance.

With this done-for-you service, Nick and his crew create an entirely automated Walmart online store for you. They say they'll manage every area of your business so you can profit from the store. This Walmart Automation Alliance review will explain all the work this program claims to put in for you, and dig into any complaints and drawbacks this service may have.

This is a dropshipping program for Walmart's e-commerce store. Team Nick wants you to invest a hefty amount for his service. But after that, they promise to hand over a successfully running business.

Who is Nick Mocuta?

Internet tycoon Nick Mocuta has developed and runs the Walmart Automation Alliance.

Nick came to America with only $500 in cash and basic English skills. 

He started out working at odd jobs for low pay. He self-taught himself about real estate and eventually, he went on to become a prosperous realtor.

Today, he owns an established company, Neptune Management. And he has introduced the Walmart Automation Alliance service which he claims is a pattern designed by him to revolutionize the eCommerce sector.

Nick Mocuta

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The Company's Model for Walmart Automation Alliance

The Alliance team presents a system that "takes away all the hard work" associated with starting your own online business. All you have to do is follow their instructions strictly.

Sounds great on paper, doesn't it?

However, before investing your money to open your own dropshipping business, you should first read this Walmart Automation Alliance review to the end.

And don’t forget these words; if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So to understand what this is about and we don't get conned, let us dig deep into this program. 

What's Offered In Walmart Automation Alliance?

As the world is opting for online shopping, Walmart has just launched its own eCommerce platform. And they need all kinds of products for their business. You can now use the Walmart platform as a third-party vendor to sell your drop-shipped goods.

Enter the Walmart Automation Alliance. 

They claim to free you of all the intricate and tedious steps involved in starting your own Walmart dropshipping business. The idea is to automate the whole process, from creating your store to picking out the products you want to sell.

They claim to help you create a passive income without much effort on your part. With the payment made, the team will set up and run your store for you. 

Now the question arises: do they deliver on this promise? 

And most importantly, Should we trust Nick? 

Walmart Automation Alliance Reviewed

Nick offers a fresh approach to dropshipping. Nick's team at Neptune Management can build you an automated Walmart business. Why spend your time and money doing everything yourself when Nick and his team already know the "recipe" for success?

This definitely sounds great, given that Walmart eCommerce is the newest trend.

Dropshipping on Amazon is fairly well-known, but Walmart still needs more outside vendors. At the same time, people who have the money to invest are excited about owning a shop online. Automation allows vendors to make money by putting in minimal effort.

Relatively few people know you can drop ship on Walmart, and Walmart has made its platform available to outside vendors. This new platform has less competition, and the parent company is focused on making it a success. So for drop shippers, it seems like a great deal. And with the assistance from the Walmart Automation Alliance program, this seems like a great business opportunity.

You have a safer environment than Amazon regarding account bans, which is something to consider. This program's goal is to automate everything for you because the makers of the program think they have the winning formula.

This is the gap in the market that Nick Mocuta and his team are profiting from. 

Walmart Automation Alliance

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What Training Do You Get?

Walmart Automation Alliance does offer some training videos, despite its claim of complete automation. However, the only thing taught here is how to create a Walmart account. 

Following their instructions on how to do it correctly, you just have to wait a few days for your Walmart account to be validated. 

Complete Automation?

That's about it. Once you've set up your seller account, practically everything will be handled for you by the Walmart Automation Alliance team. Time to put your feet up and sip your favorite drink.

A customer will make the order from your shop online. The Alliance team will forward the order to their preferred Amazon vendors. Finally, the Amazon vendor ships the ordered goods to the buyer.

Walmart Automated Alliance will also handle the selection of goods you will sell on your internet store. Additionally, they will handle your product research, and the items will be added to your store automatically.

They will also handle all customer service issues as well as item returns if necessary.

Something to consider is that you are essentially giving up control over much of your company as an owner. With everything essentially done by the Alliance team, you are losing decision-making ability for most things. 

Monitoring Of Your Stores

Your online business will be completely taken care of by Walmart Automation Alliance. However, they will not have total control over your account. You can still view this anytime because it is your personal Walmart seller account. For instance, if you want to monitor your sales and identify which products are currently performing well or poorly.

Additionally, they offer 24/7 customer service in case you have any problems with the system. 

The issue here is that the quality of customer service offered is not in your hands. 

Walmart Automation Alliance Cost 

They don't tell you the cost!

Only if you schedule a personal call to join will you be able to receive an exact price quote. According to some sources, this setup costs between $10,000 and $30,000. I suspect towards the top end of that range. 

Obviously, this is incredibly expensive, especially for someone just starting out.

This could perhaps be justified if you receive exactly what is described, and get a good return on your investment, but as we will see, there is some doubt about that. 

Is Walmart Automation Alliance A Scam? 

Well, perhaps not for all their customers, but some are certainly dubbing it a scam.

Walmart Automation Alliance scam

Walmart Automation Alliance scam claims on YouTube

With this program, it's apparent that some do make money, but there are a few red flags I want to highlight here.

  • The company concept looks pretty doable at first. Nick says that he and his staff will handle everything for you. Funding the project will be your primary responsibility. Consequently, you require a sizable sum of money, yet this course will not teach you anything of value. In other words, it will be difficult for you to repeat the process on your own. So the hefty fee is for one shop at a time!
  • They have a team to find a less-served product; the team will source the product and, till the very end, will manage its delivery. Why not just expand their own Walmart stores instead? 

After considering the red flags fluttering in my mind, I have come to a conclusion: The only explanation making sense to me is that selling the dream to others is more lucrative than running your own Walmart store. If I put in all the hard work and care for the customers, why would I pass on the profit to someone else? I would not do that, but that might just be me!

Walmart Automation Alliance Complaints

There are a few complaints you need to know about if you are considering this service. For example, on YouTube, in the comment section of a Walmart Automation Alliance review video, a customer claimed that WAA stopped taking their calls and answering their questions.

One person was looking for some more people to start legal proceedings. 

These may be isolated complaints, but they certainly provide a contrast to the glowing reviews provided on their own website.

Walmart Automation Alliance complaint from YouTube

Walmart Automation Alliance Review - Pros

  • If all goes as promised, you have a business in which you are not doing the hard work
  • As Walmart Automation is new, you have an opportunity with less competition and lower saturation
  • Less chance of account suspension than with Amazon

Walmart Automation Alliance Review - Cons

  • Very high investment
  • You are giving up control of your business
  • Due to its nature, the service does not train you properly with in-depth education and knowledge
  • There are a few notable complaints that, for something that costs so much, are hard to ignore

The Verdict

So after going through this in-depth Walmart Automation Alliance review, I am still skeptical. In the face of the complaints, I would definitely not invest in this program personally.

A program of this type and high cost should be extremely open and accessible. But most complaints for the Walmart Automation Alliance are its inaccessibility to the investor after the investment. 

Better, safer, and more transparent options are available in today's market.

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