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When most entrepreneurs are asked about their motive to start a business, many claim their main goal is financial freedom. With 9-5 jobs being increasingly frustrating due to low pay and stress, you may be looking for a way out! Continue reading this Remote Integrator Masterclass review to learn more about how this course may help you earn passive income.

Nowadays, skillset training programs have taken over the internet with a promise to change the way individuals make money. One such program is the Remote Integrator Masterclass. However, with the number of programs out on the market, how can you be sure if this one will be worth your time and money?

Don’t worry; we’ve taken the time to review the Remote Integrator Masterclass. This article lets you determine if the program is worth it and how to become a remote integrator.

What is The Remote Integrator Masterclass?

The Masterclass is an introductory course offered by the Remote Integrator Academy. This program was founded by Ravi Abuvala, who is also the founder of Scaling With Systems. Ravi claims his program has three major benefits for students enrolled in Remote Integrator Academy.

According to them, you'll have access to the same set of abilities that Ravi utilized to make $9 million in just three years. They claim you won’t need any prior business experience. According to Ravi, this highly sought-after talent can fetch thousands of dollars from satisfied customers.

In addition, you may land your first top client in your first three months at the Academy, but this seems like a stretch. The placement program even tries to introduce you to a client they are already in touch with. (Though these seem to be thin on the ground, see below). If true, could open the doors to financial freedom for many entrepreneurs.

The third distinguishing claim is that it is unlike any other online course you've taken. Many courses have general models and don't dive into explaining how to implement them. On the other hand, the Masterclass may gear you up so you can face the real world.

Who is Ravi Abuvala?

Ravi’s father’s stage IV lung cancer diagnosis made him reconsider his life decisions. He dropped out of law school to pursue a profitable career online. After signing up for mentorships, Ravi would never go back!

It opened the door for Ravi to the exhilarating world of internet marketing. Ravi discovered the true potential of working online. He believed it had limitless opportunities for financial success and personal independence. Instantly, he was captivated. He continued to try to speed up his development by purchasing courses and employing guides.

After two years, he stumbled upon his Remote Integrator model. After perfecting the model and applying it to his life, his businesses were making millions. Furthermore, he picked up a number of talents that will always be in demand by employers regardless of economic conditions. 

What is a remote integrator?

The Remote Integration Masterclass teaches you how to provide your services to other businesses. Essentially, you’ll be taught the necessary skills to provide potential clients solutions for the problems in their business. Clients value efficiency, and with the help of this program, you may be able to bridge the gap between their problems and solutions.

If you’re wondering, “what does a remote integrator do?” You’ll be taught to provide them with the tools to free up their time to concentrate on expanding their business. Since you’ll be playing a focal point in the company, Ravi claims you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars every month! 

The program is delivered through training videos. The masterclass covers a wide range of topics and several case studies. Furthermore, you’ll be added to a private Facebook support group and a messenger channel to contact a success coach.

Remote integrator masterclass review

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Remote Integrator Masterclass Contents

The Remote Integrator Masterclass isn’t as holistic as the Integrator Academy. However, it does cover some crucial topics about lead generation that can help you excel in the industry. The Masterclass gives you access to various informative guides. 

Here’s a list of what you’ll receive in this package:

  • Remote Integrator Quick-Start Guide
  • “Mindset To Freedom” Bonus Training
  • Client Attraction Blueprint
  • “Set It And Forget It” Result System For Clients
  • $50,000+ Client Retainer Guide
  • Time Freedom Strategies (How To Work Less Than 10 Hours / Week)

How much does the Masterclass cost?

One major reason for the success of this program is that it is priced sensibly. The program costs $39.97 and is considerably cheaper than other courses. However, it is important to remember that you aren’t getting his full mentorship.

The Masterclass is designed for you to test the waters of the Remote Integrator Academy. For less than $50, you can have a taste of what Remote Integrator Academy has to offer. It's a great way to determine if the Academy will suit you.

Is The Remote Integrator Masterclass a scam?

The number one question on your mind is probably the remote integrator legit? After scouring the web for information, we don't believe the Remote Integrator is a scam. Ravi seems like a genuine entrepreneur who may have been successful. Having said this, this doesn't mean that the Masterclass is worth your money. 

Are there any additional costs?

If you opt for the Masterclass, you’ll have to pay extra for certain software. Once you've completed the Masterclass, you'll notice a sharp increase in the price of their upsell: Academy. Essentially, it seems as though they introduce you to the basics and upsell you when it’s time to dive into the details. While The Remote Integrator Program doesn’t specify it on their web pages, the prices could go as high as $7,500! 

Remote Integrator Masterclass User Reviews

The best way to determine if the Masterclass is worth it is by reading the experiences of individuals who have enrolled in the program. Many people on Reddit seem dissatisfied with their purchase of the program. Many individuals claim that the Remote Integrator is very vague in its application of the software.

One Redditor spoke of his experience and went as far as to claim that Ravi was weak in implementing the systems he suggested. Perhaps this course is designed for business owners who want to expand their operations but have no prior experience doing so. This program may not be for you if your business is already well-established.

Remote integrator scam

Reddit complaints about Remote Integrator Masterclass

Pros and Cons of The Remote Integrator Masterclass


  • The Masterclass is affordable
  • Extensive training guides are provided
  • Buyers can avail of a 30-day money-back guarantee if they do not like the program


  • Lack of transparency on pricing and other information
  • There is no "pipeline of businesses ready and waiting to hire remote integrators"
  • Dubious "bait and switch" operation reported by Redditor
  • Low price of the initial product invariably means there will be expensive upsells to get the full training

What's the verdict?

As we come to the end of our Remote Integrator Masterclass review, here are our final thoughts.

Due to the lack of transparency and customer reviews, we’ve had a hard time recommending this program. As many reviewers reported, there is a crucial flaw in the program’s lack of systems. Many reviewers also complained that Ravi tends to over complicate simple topics.

Remote integrators need a solid team of virtual helpers, or they’ll need to handle all the tasks on their own. Hence, we recommend finding other ways to make money online.

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