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Are you looking for a way to make an online income? Mark Ling et al's Profit Singularity Ultra Edition course may sound like the perfect solution, but is it really as good as advertised? 

In this article, we provide an honest review of the course and its claims to help you make an informed decision. We will cover the topics, cost, and most importantly the potential results of using this program.

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What is Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity is a digital course by Keegan Mueller, Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer, and Chris Reader. Veteran New Zealand affiliate marketer Mark Ling seems to be involved too, but it's unclear in what capacity. 

In a nutshell, the course teaches you how to promote affiliate products using video ads on the Google Ads platform.

The student success stories report revenues of tens of thousands per day, so this is obviously very enticing for someone looking to make a few dollars online.

What does Profit Singularity cost?

The cost of Profit Singularity is $2,497. This is pretty high for a course that is sold via webinar and not over the phone. However, the high numbers that students appear to be doing helps to allow them to jack the price up a bit.

profit singularity scam

What's in Profit Singularity?

It's a digital course with some nifty AI tools thrown in. 

Create your video ads - this module will teach you to write a script for your video using the tools that are provided for you. 

You will then use the script to generate a voiceover, using a provided AI (artificial intelligence) software.

Next you will use a video creation software to create a video ad with the voiceover over stock video footage.

You'll also have to create your funnel in a funnel builder. They supply templates, and also a free version of GroovePages, which is helpful.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

There is a need for a video creation software at around $40 per month. 

Are there any upsells?

There are no upsells as such, but one to one coaching -- mostly from other successful students -- is available if you need it. Costs of this are unknown, but will definitely no be cheap. 

Is Profit Singularity a scam?

No, I wouldn't say that Profit Singularity is a scam. It is however notoriously hard to get Google Ads profitable, and you need deep pockets to be able to do it. You need to be spending at least $100 per day to test your video ads, and this is money that you have to be prepared to lose.

Are there any Profit Singularity complaints?

Profit Singularity is not listed on Trustpilot, nor can we find any customer complaints online. 

Profit Singularity Pros & Cons


  • Extremely high revenues are reported by some students
  • AI tools provided to aid video ad creation
  • One to one coaching available at an additional cost


  • Higher than average course price tag 
  • Very hard to make Google Ads profitable
  • Good sized ad budget -- that you're prepared to lose -- is required to test your ads. $1,000 at a bare minimum, but probably more if your ads don't take off
  • Paid ads are generally not recommended for newbies
  • Easy to get your Google Ads account banned, especially if promoting offers in the weight loss niche
  • The Clickbank health supplement products that you're encouraged to promote tend to have terrible reviews on Amazon
profit singularity complaints

Clickbank health supplement offers tend to have poor customer reviews

Profit Singularity review verdict

Although the allure of the student success stories and their astronomical numbers sure is alluring, personally I would pass on this one.

The first reason being that I just don't think that paid traffic strategies are appropriate when just getting into affiliate marketing. I only use -- and teach -- free traffic strategies.

The second reason -- and this is a deal-breaker for me -- is that I just refuse to put my name behind poor quality products that don't give results for the customer. And it seems that quality products to promote in the recommended niche are thin on the ground. 

All in all, there are better ways to do affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading our Profit Singularity review. We hope it has helped some in your decision making process. 

Have a blessed day!

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