Multiple Income Funnel Review

Welcome to our Multiple Income Funnel review. 

Mack Mills' Multiple Income Funnel has been gaining traction as a revolutionary method for making money online. Its promise of multiple income streams with little effort has been appealing to many people looking for an easy way to make money.

However, it is important to look into any method for making money before diving in head first. That's why we are here to review Mack Mills' Multiple Income Funnel and provide you with an honest assessment of its pros and cons.

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What is Multiple Income Funnel?

Mack Mills' Multiple Income Funnel has been gaining attention lately. But what is it, and should you be paying attention?

Multiple Income Funnel is basically a front-end to a group of four other online business opportunities or MLMs.

Multiple Income Funnel, or MIF, is a system developed by Mack Mills that promises to help entrepreneurs earn multiple streams of income. It claims to allow users to build multiple income sources quickly and effortlessly. Mills states that anyone can implement the system regardless of their experience level or access to capital.

While Mack Mills' Multiple Income Funnel may offer a way for entrepreneurs to diversify their incomes and potentially increase their earnings, it's important for potential users to do research into the product before committing any time or money into it. As with any product claiming revolutionary results, it's recommended that users approach MIF with caution in order to ensure they're making an informed decision about whether or not this system is right for them.

Who is Mack Mills?

 Mack Mills is an online marketing entrepreneur that has been featured on multiple podcasts, radio shows, and other media outlets for his vast knowledge about the world of digital marketing. He is the founder of Multiple Income Funnel, an organization dedicated to helping people earn a passive income through online sales funnels.

Mills has over 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce. His mission with Multiple Income Funnel is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere by teaching them how to create effective sales funnels that will help them generate consistent monthly income without much effort. 

He also provides tips and advice on how to use modern technologies like social media, SEO, email automation and more to take their business to the next level. In addition, he regularly interviews successful entrepreneurs who have made it big in this industry.

What does Multiple Income Funnel cost?

It costs $49 per month, but it is really just a "gateway" to the other biz opps, that you need to spend more money to join -- anywhere from $25 to $27,000 -- before you get access to the funnels to promote that particular opportunity.  

multiple income funnel scam

What's in Multiple Income Funnel?

Inside of Multiple Income Funnel, you'll be presented with the opportunity to join four more business opportunities. These are: 

I'll now give a quick summary of each, and the amounts that you'll be invited to invest with them.

What is Easy1Up?

Easy1Up is an online platform that claims to offer users a way to make money quickly and easily, selling digital info products on how to make money online.

The company promises users will be able to "make hundreds of dollars in less than 24 hours" through its system. This type of promise often gives potential customers unrealistic expectations – it’s unlikely they will be able to make large amounts of money overnight with no effort or experience required.

Some have called it a "borderline pyramid scheme".

Here are the available packages:

  • Elevation Package - $30
  • Elevation Elite Package - $110
  • Vertex Package - $275
  • Vertex Elite Package - $550
  • Vertex Pro Connect Package - $1,100
  • Vertex Live Package - $2,500 website

What is is a marketing tool that is an "Automated Virtual Assistant powered by AI will answer all of your incoming calls you can’t or don’t want to take and respond instantly and automatically via text".

Here, you only have to pay $100 plus $50 to obtain your personal reseller's license, which allows you to access AVA, your AI assistant. AVA will then answer any question or answer any call via text. This enables your customers to remain engaged during your sales process.

What is Traffic Authority?

Traffic Authority is an MLM that's been around since about 2015. I have personal experience with it as I was a member for maybe a couple years in the early days. 

Their product is "solo ad" traffic. Each of their traffic packages gets you real visitors to your website. These visitors are specifically in the "make money online" category.

In order to join, you need to purchase their click tracking software for around $50 per month, and then you can purchase one of their traffic packages as follows:

  • Basic Traffic Package - $220 gets you up to 190 clicks
  • Bronze Traffic Package - $440 gets you up to 380 clicks
  • Silver Traffic Package - $660 gets you up to 540 clicks
  • Gold Traffic Package - $1,097 gets you up to 870 clicks
  • Platinum Traffic Package - $2,197 gets you 1,800 clicks
  • Titanium Traffic Package - $4,297 gets you up to 3,600 clicks
  • Diamond Traffic Package - $8,397 gets you up to 8,250 clicks
traffic authority mlm

Once you purchase a particular traffic package, you are then qualified to earn commissions on any packages up to and including the one you buy.

So for example if you buy a Gold package and someone purchases a Silver package through your link, then you ear commission on that sale. 

However if someone purchases a Diamond package, then you miss out on the commission to someone in your upline who did purchase it (this hurts, I can tell you from experience!). 

One the plus side, TA is selling a real product that could be beneficial to your business. 

One the down side, solo ads traffic is very saturated and are being slammed with offers every day so are not very responsive buyers shall we say. 

Additionally, compared to say independent solo ads sellers, TA traffic is pretty overpriced, as MLM products tend to be, in order to accommodate all the commissions that need to be paid out. 

I certainly made money with TA, but I honestly can't be sure that I made more than I spent with them!

What is OPM Wealth?

OPM Wealth is an MLM that centers around cryptocurrency. OPM stands for "other people's money", and members are encouraged by coaches (really sales reps) to take out loans of anywhere from $2,000 up to $27,000, convert it into cryptocurrency, and invest it in the scheme. 

OPM Wealth was the subject of a court case in Florida in 2022, which alleged: 

“that the scheme, known as OPM Wealth, preyed on individuals seeking to gain financial independence by making false, fraudulent, and deceptive promises of exponential income generation to unsuspecting victims interested in cryptocurrency.” Millner v. Plutus Enters., No. 21-23436-CIV-MORENO, 1 (S.D. Fla. Jun. 22, 2022)

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

Yes. In short, you're going to be paying anywhere from $25 to $27,000 to get into one of the biz opps that are promoted inside of MIF.

Is Multiple Income Funnel a scam?

I'm going to leave that up to you to decide. However, these types of opportunities where you make money only if you get other people to join are a bit suspect, and many similar opportunities have been shut down in the past for being pyramid schemes. 

Multiple Income Funnel is presented as affiliate marketing, but true affiliate marketing does not require you to give any money to the companies you promote. Although some of these companies might let you operate like that, that is generally not the case here. 

For example, in Traffic Authority, I know for a fact that you can't earn commissions on a level of product that you've not purchased yourself.

For example, if you purchased the Gold traffic package, then you can earn commission on anything you sell up to and including Gold.

But if one of your prospects purchases a Platinum package, then too bad... the commission gets passed to someone in your upline who has purchased it!

Are there any Multiple Income Funnel complaints?

Multiple Income Funnel has a 4.1 star rating from 137 reviews on Trustpilot, which is pretty good. That said, the 13% of their ratings that are 1 star do give some cause for concern.

Multiple Income Funnel trustpilot

This one star reviewer complains of having spent a lot of effort and money for not much return. However it is nice to see a  response from Multiple Income Funnel. 

Multiple Income Funnel trustpilot customer reviews

Multiple Income Funnel Pros & Cons


  • Allows for multiple sources of income
  • Provides the potential for a passive income stream


  • Not straight affiliate marketing: you have to recruit others and spend money yourself in order to progress
  • Very expensive upsells in the programs you're encouraged to join
  • Some bad reviews 
  • Low success rate 

Multiple Income Funnel review verdict

In conclusion, Mack Mills' Multiple Income Funnel appears to be a viable way to make money online for some, however it is important to remember that this type of investment requires considerable effort and dedication.

While Mack Mills has presented an interesting system, there is no guarantee of success or return on investment. It is also important to remember that making money online is not an overnight process, but rather a long-term commitment.

Having to spend money with the companies you're promoting and recruit others in order to succeed would be a deal breaker for me. I prefer pure affiliate marketing, where you don't have to do this.

All in all, we believe there are better ways to make a living online. 

Thank you for reading our Multiple Income Funnel review. We hope it has helped some in your decision making process. 

Have a blessed day!

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