Misha Wilson Review

Welcome to our Misha Wilson Review. In it, you will learn everything about his method to make money online to understand if it’s for you or not.

Misha Wilson is an online digital marketer that claims to have a breakthrough method to make money online. He’s willing to give it to you for free. How? If you give him your email, he will immediately send you his free ebook, "The Millionaire Breakthrough.”

However, there is a catch in this ebook, and some claim that this method is just a pyramid scheme sold through false advertising.

So is this true? You’ll know everything in this short read. Stick to the end if you want to know everything from who Misha is, what the program consists of, the pros and cons, the complaints, and our verdict.

What is the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint?

The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint is an online training program about Affiliate Marketing. It is comprehensive because its goal is to help an inexperienced person create a profitable Affiliate Marketing business.

However, it’s not the first step in Misha's sales pitch. Misha sells his idea by claiming that this method was responsible for $15 million in personal sales, and he’s willing to share it with you. But first, you must give him your email, and you’ll receive his free ebook called “The Millionaire Breakthrough.” 

Then, while reading his ebook, he pitches you with an offer to sign up for his program named “Affiliate Commission Blueprint.”

Who is Misha Wilson?

He's an online marketer claiming to have made millions of dollars online.

He's known on the internet as an expert in traffic and conversions, and can also convert that traffic into high-ticket sales. He says his mission is to transform you into a 6 figure online marketer with his passion and skills.

He launched a new business with an income of $10,000 in the first six months, and another that generated $200,000 in four months.

But how did he end up being an online marketer?

Early in his life, he aspired to be a professional tennis player, but after an accident and an injury, he had to start looking for 9 to 5 jobs. His injury had him taking pain pills almost every day to endure the pain, and he became addicted to them.

He became a top affiliate marketer with the help of mentors and started earning 6 figures a month. 

Misha states that he made his money the “smart” way. He tells you his story about how he was in debt and got kicked out of several houses until he found his method and became a millionaire. 

He says that now he is living in Maui and only needs two things to work: his smartphone and tablet.

What’s inside the Millionaire Breakthrough ebook?

The Millionaire Breakthrough is the ebook you get when signing up to Misha Wilson's email list. It has 26 pages and tells you how you can make money with affiliate marketing. It’s the first step to getting to know Misha’s business. However, after reading it from front to end, you get bombarded with the option to pay $17 for the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint course.

Misha claims that you can read it in less than an hour and make money at the end of the day. Pretty cool, right?

Millionaire Breakthrough ebook Review

Millionaire Breakthrough ebook

What do you get with the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint program?

It comes with the complete A-Z super Affiliate Commission Blueprint, and a basic membership into the Super Affiliate Network. You can upgrade your membership at any time. 

It also includes some bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: Personal one-on-one success and super affiliate coach.
  • Bonus 2: Instant access to the FB Group called the  “Super Affiliate Network Facebook Group.”
  • Bonus 3: Access to the live inner circle coaching call with top-earning super affiliate all-stars.
  • Bonus 4: A webinar series of 2 parts called “A quickstart to profit.”

And addition to all these bonuses, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee plus $500 if you are dissatisfied with the program.

How does the Misha Wilson method work?

The Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint is all about making money through affiliate marketing, with the following process:

  1. You need to search for a product or service owner who works with affiliate marketing
  2. Use the affiliate link on any platform that generates traffic (website, social media page, or email)
  3. Drive free or paid traffic to generate clicks that end in sales for the product or service owner
  4. After the sale, you’ll receive a commission for each one.

But what is the Super Affiliate Network?

With the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint, which is Misha's basic program, you get a membership for the Super Affiliate Network, which will introduce you to other new programs. Of course, these new programs will not be free, they are simply upsells. 

How many of these new programs exist? There are 6, and divided into the following topics: 

  1. Profit Boosting Bootcamp: The latest internet marketing strategies aim for maximum profitability. Explains how you can work at home while building your business. Learn the basics of conversions and traffic generation. This program consists of 15 modules. 
  2. Solo ad access formula: This program will teach you how to create solo ad copy (copywriting). Solo ads can work, but you have to choose your vendor extremely carefully. This program has 11 modules.
  3. IM Profit formula: This is a formula and some tips for your first business online. 
  4. Super Affiliate inner circle: You'll get access to 12 months of a personal advisor, personal coaching, and a Profit Boosting Bootcamp. You'll get access to the live calls. 
  5. Ignition Accelerator: Mastermind access, personal coaching sessions, and an exclusive internet marketing curriculum.
Misha Wilson Review

Screenshot from Misha Wilson's Website

Is Misha's method just a pyramid or ponzi scheme?

No. Misha's business model is not a pyramid scheme. You are selling a product or service that exists. Often in a pyramid scheme, the objective is to recruit other people, but when using Affiliate Marketing, you are trying to promote products or services.

Another fact that discredits the idea that it's a pyramid scheme is that you don't get paid for multiple levels of people you recruit. You will only get a commission for people that sign up directly beneath you.

Some reviews of users and affiliates attest to this too. It’s just plain ole' affiliate marketing, which has been around for quite some time. 

Who is Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint for?

This program is for people interested in Affiliate Marketing. This program might be a good answer if you want to start from zero and learn all the basics.

People who want a mentor to learn from. This program is focused on one-to-one mentorship, live chats, and calls. If this is what you’re looking for, the program might suit your needs.

It’s also good for people that want to learn little by little or in their schedule. The program divides every section in modules that are easy to follow.

Misha's method review. How much does it cost?

The Millionaire Breakthrough, Misha's ebook, is 100% free. But then you’ll have to pay $17 for the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint program.

Misha Wilson review. Is it a scam?

The short answer is no. But it’s more complicated than that. Misha has an actual product, but in this product, his students are encouraged to convert into affiliates of Misha’s program, but he will not scam you.

You will get a program that will teach you how to use affiliate marketing, and if you do it well, you’ll become prosperous.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that has been around for quite a while, so you can’t consider this a scam.

However, when talking about the actual price of the program and its additional costs, maybe that’s where the conversation gets complicated.

Are there any additional costs on the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint program

Yes. There are a lot of additional costs that are not introduced the first time you get your hands on Misha's program. The Profit Boosting Camp is $7, the Solo Ad Success Formula is $297, the IM Profit Formula is free but runs $7 for shipping, the Super Affiliate Inner Circle is $297, and the Ultimate Profit Shortcut is $20.

In this program, everything has an additional cost and is an upsell. Misha expects you to pay $17 initially, but as you are introduced to new parts of the program, you’ll certainly pay a lot more.

In the end, these costs can go up to $12,497, which is very different from the initial “free” ebook, right?

Are there any complaints? Are the students learning and earning money?

There are just a few comments from the users of this program who claim they’ve made money with it. However, the veracity of these numbers cannot be verified.

Supposedly, the following students earned the following: 

  • Lusundra Everett earned $5,000 in the first year and $20,000 in the next.
  • Scott V. made sales on the first 4 days of the program.
  • Ace and Rich earned commissions on 5 sales in the first 3 weeks.

The positive reviews focus more on community support and personal attention in the group. But the reviews on his site don't offer real numbers of how much the students generated with this method.

On the other hand, a few negative reviews focus on misleading initial costs, the difficulty of getting a refund, and the inability to get one-on-one consultations. 

Misha Wilson complaints

Misha Wilson complaint from BBB website

In the complaint from the BBB website above, it is a bit worrying that customers are being encouraged to go into debt to fund high ticket purchases. However, it is good to note that Misha's response was to cancel the loan. 

Does the Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint program offer a refund?

Yes. The program offers a 30-day back guarantee because Misha believes in his methods. However, for a refund, he asks for you to carry out every instruction of the program, and if you are dissatisfied, you can ask for a refund after that. He will add $500 for the trouble of wasting your time.

Pros and cons of Misha's method


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lessons are divided into different programs that are easily digestible 
  • The community offers a lot of support


  • Most testimonials are of affiliates, so taking them seriously is hard
  • Upsells are expensive 
  • Customers encouraged to go into debt to fund high ticket purchases

The verdict

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model with which you can generate money. However, paying $12,947 to Misha to get access to everything on his program to learn it may not the best idea. Yes, some people have become millionaires with this business model, but most of the information in the program can be found for much cheaper elsewhere. 

There are no real data on the students and how they succeeded in the long term, and most of the positive reviews come from affiliates of Misha's program.

The program might have helpful information, but the constant upsells diminish its credibility.

Many other programs can teach you far better about affiliate marketing.

Thank you for reading our Misha Wilson review to the end, we hope you found it useful. 

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