Ministry of Freedom review

Here is my complete Ministry of Freedom review, where you will learn everything you need to know about it and decide if it’s worth it. 

I've spent a lot of time researching it from A to Z to bring you this article, and I even joined the program myself. 

Stick to the end. There’s a lot of important information that you can’t miss!

What is Ministry of Freedom 2.0?

Ministry of Freedom 2.0 is a marketing training program that shows you how to make money from home. It is created by Jono Armstrong, who claims that he makes $22,000 in 22 days by outsourcing work, and that you can do it too. 

And how does he do it? With affiliate marketing and Launch Jacking. Affiliate marketing means promoting products or services from a third party for you to earn a commission. 

Launch Jacking means finding these products or services when they are in the phase of pre-launch, so the idea is to create hype so people buy them.

Jono says that nobody will tell you about these techniques, which gives them a little “underground” vibe. 

One thing to note is that this method is not the best for you to make money online. Why? Because most of the products being promoted are low-ticket, commissions are low, so you’ll have to promote the product or service in significant quantities for them to have a lot of sales.

Who is Jono Armstrong?

Before diving into the program's content, let’s first talk about its creator.

Jono is a product and content creator originally from Scarborough in the UK. Since 2000 he’s been living in Jakarta, Indonesia, and shares a similar story to many of the creators of these programs-courses. After graduating college, his debt was approximately $50,000.

He worked as an English teacher for some years but was always looking for something more.

Who is Jono Armstrong

Screenshot from

After looking (without success) for ways to make money online, he tried affiliate marketing and drop-shipping until, in 2009 began using email marketing as his strategy. He also freely admits that he had an unethical stint at selling bootlegged sneakers on eBay.

Between 2017 and 2018, he started creating more content for his YouTube channel and program. He claims that he made $1 million in 2019, although no official information exists. 

He also has a past as a musician, playing the bass guitar in a band named Gugan Power Shelter from Indonesia. Here’s an article from the Rolling Stones in Indonesia where he is mentioned as a member of the band:

Other articles say that he was a cocaine addict and alcoholic, but we can’t confirm the integrity of these statements. However, there are a few red flags regarding the truth about his story and past, so it’s something to keep in mind.

What do you get with Ministry of Freedom? How does it work?

Ministry of Freedom is a 3-part program where he teaches the following: 

Part 1- Launch Jacking

Part 2- Digital asset launch and buyer list

Part 3- Paid ads

Let’s dive in. 

Part 1- Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking means reviewing online products or services in the pre-launch phase or soon after launch. For this part, you need to find these products or services, review them, and then figure out a way to convert the audience reading the review into buyers. 

The program shows you how to find the product with affiliate marketing platforms like JVZoo and WarriorPlus. For the reviewing process, the objective is to be one of the first, so you appear in the YouTube or Google search results, and be the first in the ranks before the competition.

And now comes the conversion phase, where you need to review the products or services effectively, so your audience buys. If you do this, the product owner pays you a commission.

Jono states that the best way to promote these products is on YouTube, and by offering free bonuses (he gives you access to them).

The key here is to be the first one, but other people are taking this program, and Jono is also promoting many of the products himself, so you need to be quick. The money-making window is also short because these product launches have a short cycle.

Part 2- Digital asset launch and buyer list

After learning how to promote other people's digital assets (aka digital courses or softwares), Jono encourages you to create your own. You will make more money for every sale, and pay others a commission if they promote it.

As you convert those sales, you’ll get those customers' emails, which you can later use to promote other digital assets.

But how do you create your digital assets? Jono says that you need to buy white-label licenses of software and courses like the ones you find on Codecanyon and Udemy.

After buying these licenses, you can make copies of the digital assets and modify and combine them with other products. 

Part 3- High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Part three of Ministry of Freedom shows you how to promote high-ticketed products from platforms like Clickbank that pay a high commission (usually around $500), using Google and YouTube Ads. Clickbank is a digital platform for affiliate marketing. 

Jono claims that you can easily convert $1 to $4 by using this method. But are these quantities accurate? That sounds like the best offer in the world, right?

Problems with these strategies

First, you’re not the only one promoting these products. Competition is high, and you need to constantly find and promote, which will take a lot of time. And for me, this doesn’t sound like a passive income that will give you freedom.

Secondly, buying these licenses costs a lot of money. Somewhere around hundreds to thousands of dollars, and part 1 of launch jacking doesn't seem to me that will generate that kind of money for you to buy these licenses.

You will also have to assume responsibilities such as reputation and customer support which can be a lot to handle if you don’t have a lot of resources.

How much does Ministry of Freedom cost?

Ministry of Freedom is a one-cost program of $1497, but Jono lets you pay it in 3 installments of $797 each. All the content is delivered by video trainings that cover different topics. 

The program divides into 9 weeks, which cover the following:

  • Mindset
  • Tools and applications
  • Launch Jacking
  • Branding and soft launching
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Launching
  • Product Launching continued
  • Software research and outsourcing
  • Paid traffic

Does Ministry of Freedom offer a refund?

Yes. Ministry of Freedom offers refunds; however, it’s not typical because it’s action-based. You’ll have to complete the following to ask for it:

  • You must launch your product on the Warrior Plus platform
  • Post product reviews on Youtube every month
  • Participate in the FB group at least 5 times
  • Participate in the Q&A sessions every week
  • Keep daily progress updates on Google docs

And you can't apply for a refund for the following reasons:

  • Intolerance or religious beliefs
  • You don’t have the resources
  • Not having a computer to do everything on the program
  • Medical and vet bills
  • You can’t learn the skills
  • Illness of you or your family
  • Death of a family member
  • extra software costs
  • Or just because the program is not for you

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like protection if I decide to buy the program.

Is Ministry of Freedom a scam?

Ministry of Freedom is a legit program; Launch Jacking does work.

However, we do have a few concerns that I'll cover in more detail below.

The program implies that freedom will come to you in a matter of weeks, which is a bold statement because we have seen that the parts of his program take a lot more to create than just a few weeks.

There are many other ways to make money that are faster and easier.

Does Ministry of Freedom 2.0 have additional costs?

There are a few additional costs which you may incur. The sales webinar doesn’t talk about them, but obviously, you will have to pay them for this business scheme to function correctly.

These are: 

Cost of generating your website: In can vary, but a member of the Ministry of Freedom program is charging $229 to do it.

Funnel building software: Clickfunnels is their recommended tool, which starts at $97 per month.

Autoresponder software for email: You will need this if you want to increase sales. You can start for free on platforms like Mailchimp; however, if the list grows, you will have to start paying monthly for that.

Commission Gorilla: this is a software used to deliver digital product bonuses, and starts at a one time payment of $49, although there are upsells.

Paid traffic: In the first part of the program, it doesn’t require this, but as you progress, you may decide to invest in the paid traffic. Just be careful, it's very easy to lose money with paid traffic.

Software for backlinks: This one is optional, but it lets you get links from other sources and will help you improve your YouTube ranking. This software is a one-time payment of approximately $87 to $97.

Software to auto-generate your videos: If you don’t have the time to create your videos or don’t have the skills, you can use  software to compile your videos with AI-generated voice and background music. The cost is $47 per month.

Complaints about Ministry of Freedom

Several reviews on Reddit (which have a lot of weight since it is a platform where actual users or buyers share their experiences) call the program a scam.

These reviews say that the program was sold to them under false pretenses, and that the investment you have to make is far more than the one you already paid for the program, which should say at the beginning of the course. 

As one review on Reddit states, the main hook in the Ministry of Freedom YouTube ad, and all through the webinar is that you don't have to make your own Launch Jacking videos, you just use other people's videos.  Then, when you join up, you're instantly told that in order to succeed, you really need to be making your own videos.

This is a classic bait and switch for sure.

Ministry of Freedom reddit complaint

This isn't the only complaint on Reddit, either.

In the interest of balance, there are a couple of lengthy rebuttals from MOF 2.0 members on this Reddit post here.

Ministry of Freedom PROS vs. CONS


  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • 9-week program
  • The method works (if you put in the work)


  • Launch Jacking is not quite as easy as the marketing would have you believe
  • To get sales, you really need to add bonuses, and delivering these bonuses require a software
  • The products you review are often low-quality, and this isn't great for building your own brand long term
  • The process for getting onto Jono’s rotator (the "I Send You Sales" bonus) was confusing, and involved multiple spreadsheets and message boards
  • Even when I got on the rotator, the product owner never approved my affiliate link (despite multiple follow ups from myself), and I made nothing and gave up. This is kind of out of Jono’s control, but something to be aware of
  • It wasn’t obvious how to get the promised accountability coach; I never saw mine
  • This probably won't bother most folks, but as a Christian, I found the promotion of meditation in the mindset section off putting
  • Paid ads sound easy and it’s tempting to skip ahead to that section, but as I always say, it’s so easy to "lose your shirt" with this, as I have in the past
  • Refund conditions are extremely rigorous (they even make you sign a contract when you join)
  • Additional costs for tools are required to succeed in this scheme

Ministry of Freedom review verdict

Is Ministry of Freedom a scam? Technically, no. Because the program exists, it gets delivered to you in videos that you can watch, and actually you can implement the system. And the techniques it teaches do work.

But is Ministry of Freedom the best way to make money? I don’t think so. Because the program is expensive, and there are additional costs.

The program might not be a scam, but it does give a false impression of what you need to do, and the amount of work required to succeed. 

I hope that this review was helpful to you so you can freely decide if it’s worth your money or not.

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