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The Millionaire Shortcut Review: Are you feeling average? Do you want to make money as fast as you can? A guy named Jeff Lerner has the answer for you in his ebook. He says it’s easy and, most important of it all: Says that it’s Free.

But is anything worthwhile effortless? Experience has told us no, but Jeff insists it is. 

In this 5-minute read, you’ll learn everything about this ebook and decide if it’s worth your time (and money, but we’ll get to that later).

What is the Millionaire Shortcut?

The Millionaire Shortcut is an ebook written by Jeff Lerner, an American entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker who became a millionaire through online businesses. 

He states that he decided not to follow the usual path of having a 9 to 5 job for several years, thinking all the time about his 401 (k), and went all-in into a business idea, but ended up poorly with over $500,000 in debt. That’s when he discovered the shortcut to becoming a millionaire and thrived with his marketing agency and other online businesses. 

But accurate data about Jeff is not easily available. Some sources state that his net worth is $4-$5 million, but he declares that his actual net worth is more than $50 million. Something doesn’t sound right to me.

Jeff offers you the ebook 100% free if you give him your email. Then he sends it to you instantly so you can download it and start learning his secrets. He offers you this after watching an ad on YouTube where he states that now more than ever, there are 1700 new millionaires created every day in America and that you cannot let this pass by since becoming a millionaire is easier than ever.

What do you get when you download the ebook?

The ebook contains ten pages of his secret formula to make your first million online, giving tips on mindset, advertising, monetization, drop shipping, and e-commerce. The main idea is: Find a millionaire mentor and copy them. Wow! Big breakthrough on the subject.  As if we haven’t read that idea a thousand times before in the rest of the unoriginal books about how to make money fast that are all over the internet.

Millionaire Shortcut Amazon reviews

Amazon Kindle readers are not impressed

The Millionaire Shortcut summary. What is behind Jeff Lerner's ebook?

In reality, what you get is a too-short ebook that, although it has some good points. It bombards you with a sales pitch of the ebook's actual purpose: Signing up for the paid program called the ENTRE institute, based on the idea that he will be the millionaire mentor you are looking for to get the shortcut.

How much does it cost to sign up for the program?

The program is titled “ENTRE Blueprint Training Bundle” and costs $39. However, I’ve learned from clients who subscribe to it that you will have to pay much more to access the real “shortcuts.”

Is the Millionaire Shortcut Legit?

What are his clients saying about the ebook and his program?

The ebook is not receiving many positive comments since many readers are describing it as a “pre-sale” for his program, a “sales letter,” or just a PDF instead of an ebook for its short content. 

And, well, talking about the program, the reviews are mixed. Some say that buying this program is just opening the door to being bombarded constantly to purchase new courses and products of the ENTRE Institute, or that the actual cost of participating in every offering of the ENTRE Institute would be several thousand dollars more. However, it seems that it leans much more toward negative comments, so that’s a warning that you cannot pass by.

It's worthwhile to say that after paying for the $39 entry program, clients are finding out that, to acquire all the knowledge about this “shortcut,” they will have to buy “8-week business accelerators” for $4000 total and 1-on-1 coaching for $15,000 a year. The word “free” seems no longer present, right?

Pros and cons of the Millionaire Shortcut ebook


  • The ebook is 100% risk-free. No need to pay or give your credit card details
  • There are a few subjects worth reading in the ebook
  • If you don’t like the content sent to your email, you can unsubscribe from his newsletter at any time


  • The ebook doesn’t deliver what it promises
  • It’s just a pre-sale of the course
  • Jeff is not being honest when offering the shortcut for free by just giving your email
  • Most of the information provided in the ebook is general knowledge, and you can find it in other free sources.
Millionaire Shortcut Review

Screenshot from Jeff Lerner website

Millionaire Shortcut review verdict

Let’s be honest. Nowadays, you can find quality content for entrepreneurs or wanna-be entrepreneurs almost everywhere, and you can find it for free.

We live in an era where knowledge has become available with just the click of a button, and we can now learn everything we set our minds to. So reading a 10 page ebook with general topics that are only intended to sell you the program for $39 and then accessing all the actual content by paying even more money doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

For me, it just feels like a hook for people that are easily impressionable or desperate to find an easy way to become millionaires. Jeff takes advantage of that without being honest from the start.

Jeff Lerner complaints

Sources claim Jeff promoted scheme shut down by FTC

Some sources say that Jeff has promoted companies that have been shut down for fraudulent behavior by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which to me, it’s not a great sign for my future mentor (if I decide to buy the program, of course).

In the end, I can’t tell you if it’s worth it because you are the one that will have to make that decision. My goal is to give you a brief review and summary of what you will get if you give your email to acquire the free ebook, and what to expect if you buy the program.

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