Have you ever considered if there is a more efficient way to get your book into the hands of people all around the world? Amazon's presence with its considerable growth in the global book market, may be the way.

According to WordsRated, Amazon might control more than 70% of the US print book market by 2025. Such domination highlights the importance of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) technology, which provides authors with a powerful channel to reach a large audience.

It's time to learn about this platform that can help you earn money by publishing, using all the tools and benefits Amazon KDP offers.

In this post, we’ll go through Amazon KDP to introduce you to its features and how you can make money with it.

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform allows writers and publishers to self-publish their works. Additionally, with the introduction of a paperback option, KDP uses print-on-demand solutions, allowing authors to choose between digital and print formats. 

One of the most attractive aspects of KDP is its dual-format publishing capability, which comes with no upfront charges and access to Amazon's massive readership.

KDP provides free and simple resources for publishing your own book in over 10 countries and up to 45 languages.

How Does Amazon KDP Work?

Amazon provides an official guide simple 3-Step Guide on getting published with KDP:

Step 1: Prepare Your Content and Design

Organize and style your manuscript, incorporating elements like the title page, content table, and bio. It provides two free-to-use tools for you: 

  • Kindle Creator: Automatically detects and formats your chapter headings, and in the process, constructs your table of contents.

  • Cover Creator: Allows customization of designs and typography, employs the specifics you provide for your book, and embeds the ISBN on the back cover barcode. You can select from an image collection or upload a personalized picture.

Step 2: Go Digital or Print

  • Fill in book-related details such as the title and the author.

  • Load up and review your finalized manuscript and its cover design.

  • Determine your copyright choices and pricing. Your digital book will be featured in Kindle Stores, Amazon will manage the on-demand printing and global distribution of your physical books.

Step 3: Promote Your Book

You can use KDP’s promotional tools at no extra charge to connect with potential readers:

  • Promote your eBook on Kindle Unlimited by joining KDP Select.

  • Develop an author profile to provide insight about you and your writings.

  • Design targeted promotions to capture a broader audience via Amazon Advertising. 

  • Elevate your book's listing with personalized images, narratives, and tables through A+ Content.

  • Extend your physical book's reach to academic and commercial outlets via Expanded Distribution. (This feature is exclusive to the US and UK).

How to publish in Amazon KFP (step by step)

Step 1: Create Your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Account

  • Select either "Sign in" if you already have an Amazon account, or "Sign up" to create one.

  • For first-timers on KDP, agreeing to the terms of use is a must. Post-acceptance, you'll be directed to the Amazon Author control panel.

Step 2: Add your book

  • As a newcomer to Amazon's publishing realm, your title list is empty. To add a book, click on “+ Kindle eBook”.

  • Input the necessary details, and if you need a break, click “Save as Draft”.

Step 3: Select your Main Language

  • Select the primary language of your eBook. This refers to the book's original written language. Familiarize yourself with the languages that Kindle supports.

Step 4: Insert your Book Title and Any Subtitle

  • The first impression is often the cover and title of your book. It’s important to have a compelling title.

Step 5: Enter the Author's Information

  • Input the preferred publication name that will be featured on the book’s cover.

  • If the book has multiple authors, mention additional names in the Contributors section.

Step 6: Provide a Comprehensive Book Description

  • Amazon permits a maximum of 4,000 characters for your book's description. This content is what readers will see on the book’s Amazon page.

  • Given that this description serves as a reader’s introduction, meticulous drafting is essential. Seek out guides or resources to assist in crafting an engaging description.

Step 7: Confirm Your Copyright Ownership

  • Indicate your rights by selecting: “I own the copyright and I hold the necessary publishing rights”. Remember, as per US regulations, the moment you draft your work, you are its rightful owner.

Step 8: Use Keywords

  • Selecting keywords is vital. The goal is for your book to appear when these terms are searched on Amazon.

  • Keywords should resonate with the content of your book and address the potential queries or needs of readers.

Step 9: Categorize Your Book 

  • Pick two suitable categories for your book via the category selection tool.

  • This choice affects your book’s visibility, its competitors, and the chances of achieving a bestseller status.

KDP Tools to Help You Publish Your Book

Amazon KDP provides a series of free tools to use to help you on your publishing journey: 

  • KDP Community: Engage with expert KDP authors and publishers within the community.

  • Kindle Kids' Book Creator: Transform your illustrated kids' tales into visually attractive eBooks.

  • Kindle Comic Creator: Adapt your comic strips, graphic stories, and manga into digital reads.

  • Kindle Previewer: Preview your eBook's appearance prior to its release.

What You Can Get From KDP

Here are some of the advantages you get if you decide to publish your book with Amazon KDP: 

Self-publish your book:

  • Author Control: With KDP, authors have a say over the book's content, design, pricing, audience, and marketing strategies.

  • Streamlined Publication Process: KDP offers a simplified three-step publishing method. Once finalized, the book can be visible on Amazon's global platforms within approximately 72 hours.

  • Potential for Enhanced Earnings: Authors can potentially earn up to 70% in royalties and further showcase their eBooks via Kindle Unlimited by choosing KDP Select.

  • Decision-Making Power: Authors can retain rights over their material, decide on the publication schedule, and set their price points.

Choose your format of publishing:

  • eBooks: This option allows authors to distribute their work across worldwide Kindle Stores. Inclusion in Kindle Unlimited might enhance the reach.

  • Printed Versions: For those who prefer tangible copies, authors can offer their books in both paperback and hardcover. KDP facilitates print-on-demand, dispatching books globally as orders roll in.

  • Kindle Vella: This format suggests releasing content in short, digestible chunks. However, it's currently exclusive to authors in the US crafting content in English.

Maximize earnings:

  • Earnings through Kindle Unlimited: By enlisting a book under KDP Select, authors can earn based on the number of pages read on Kindle Unlimited.

  • Potential Royalties from eBook Sales: Authors have the flexibility to choose between two royalty structures (70% or 35%), depending on the content of the eBook and its geographical sales regions.

  • Revenues from Printed Versions: There's potential to earn up to 60% in royalties for paperback and hardcover editions made available through KDP.

  • Monetizing with Kindle Vella: Authors can get up to 50% of what readers spend on tokens to unlock their episodic content. There's also the potential to earn bonuses based on reader engagement. Note: This is available only for authors writing in English and residing in the US.

How Do KDP Royalties Work?

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing compensates authors via royalty fees. Authors need to understand two distinct royalty structures: one for eBooks and another for paperbacks.

Paperback: paperback books come with a consistent 60% royalty rate.

For each royalty structure, you will earn the stated percentage of your book's listed price.

Ebooks: you can choose between two royalty levels:

  • 70% eBook Royalty Rate: Accessible in specific regions. Your royalty will amount to 70% of the listed price, minus sales tax and delivery costs.

  • 35% eBook Royalty Rate: For each eBook sale, you'll receive 35% of the book's listed price, exclusive of sales tax.

What Can You Publish Using KDP?

With KDP, you can release eBooks (for Kindle) as well as physical books (both Paperback and Hardcover). However, KDP doesn't support the production of magazines, periodicals, calendars, or books with spiral binding.

Here are some common publications via KDP:

  • Fictional Works

  • Series of Books

  • Books for Children

  • Graphic Novels

  • Poetry

  • Diaries

  • Cookbooks

  • Educational Materials

Benefits of publishing with Amazon KDP 

There are various benefits to publishing your book through KDP. Amazon's KDP platform has changed traditional publishing by providing authors with a well-organized path to both publishing and growing a successful book business: 

  • Expansive Reach: Given Amazon's massive presence, authors can access international markets, including the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

  • Generous Royalties: Authors often receive better royalty percentages through Amazon than with conventional publishers. Depending on the book category, you could earn royalties up to 60%.

  • Maintain Your Rights: Even when you use KDP for publishing, you hold onto your book's rights thanks to Amazon's non-binding agreement.

  • Swift Publishing: Unlike the extended timelines typical with traditional publishing, KDP ensures a rapid publication process.

  • Zero Stock Piling: The era when authors had to pre-buy their printed books to sell is over. Now, using print-on-demand technology, books are produced only when ordered.


Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing is a valuable platform for authors seeking to monetize their writings. Every year, according to Rordsratedover,1.4 million self-published books are released through KDP, highlighting its popularity and effectiveness. 

With its extensive reach and favorable royalty structures, KDP provides a clear and direct route for authors to generate income from their content.

If you want to publish a book, but don’t want to deal with publishing houses, Amazon KDP is the option for you!

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