Leila Hormozi Net Worth

Leila Hormozi Net Worth. You’ve probably heard about Alex Hormozi. But what about his wife Leila Hormozi? Do you know her story, her background, and her role in the companies that she created alongside Alex? 

Probably not, and if you’re interested in the content that Alex shares constantly, you should know a little about the one person that helped him achieve everything he has today.

Certainly, she has played a major role in all his success, so let’s dive into her story.

Who is Leila Hormozi?

Similar to Alex, Leila Hormozi has also a great entrepreneurial background that is supported by her business skills. She’s been involved in many businesses alongside her husband, Alex.

Her role was key to scaling three of Alex's most popular businesses, which include Prestige Labs, A.L.A.N., and Gym Launch.

Likewise, she’s the co-founder of Acquisition.com, one of the most popular companies owned by Leila and Alex which invests in businesses, and helps them scale.

What’s her background?

Leila was born in Austin Texas and has an Iranian-American background. She was interested in sports and fitness culture from her early years and was always playing sports to maintain her physique. At 13 years old she began learning everything she could about fitness and nutrition.

Surely she had to study something related to her passion, and ended up with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology at Western Michigan University while working as a trainer of patients with cognitive disabilities at the campus.

Further trying to develop her passion, she also worked as a fitness intern at Golden Door, and in 2015 relocated to Orange County in California. There she started exercising, lost a lot of weight, and decided that her mission was to help others get the same results.

It all started with Gym Launch

In Orange County, California, she got a job as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness but was there only for one year. Then she tried her luck at Fitness on Fire, LLC, got the job, and in a few months, got recognition as one of the top employees of the company.

While working at Fitness on Fire, she started using dating apps, and met Alex Hormozi on the site. They chatted for a few days before meeting up for their first date. 

They spent most of the time on the date talking about business topics, and she instantly knew that she had an intellectual connection with Alex.

Leila Hormozi Gym Launch

This later developed into a romantic relationship, and they started talking about a new business idea. Afterward, in 2017 they co-founded Gym Launch, a company that helps gym owners establish profitable business models at their gyms, and helps them acquire more members to increase revenue.

They joined forces successfully because Gym Launch was a hit from the very beginning. Consequently, the company went from scratch to $50 M in sales in a short amount of time.

Subsequently, in 2018 Leila was appointed Co-CEO of the company and after massive success, became the COO, in charge of supervising operations and strategies.

Through her work, she helped the company generate an 850% growth rate by helping more than 1500 gyms all over America increase their profitability.

But it’s not only Gym Launch

Besides the massive hit of Gym Launch, she has also participated in other ventures, such as Prestige Labs, a supplement company that was created alongside Alex when they had problems finding the right supplements for their clients. Later they started creating healthy pre-packaged food for people looking to be fit too.

Secondly, the couple founded A.L.A.N. which is a software company that helps other businesses adopt more modern strategies for growth.

Later on, she stepped off of her executive roles in those companies and became a board member. This allowed her to become the managing partner of Acquisiton.com, the company that helps with consultation for other businesses in the low-mid market segment.

Leila Hormozi Net Worth. What does she earn?

Even though with her company portfolio, she scales businesses' sales to $100 M, that doesn’t mean that’s her actual Net Worth as many people think.

According to the official site of Acquisition.com, all of her companies have a total revenue of over $100 M. However they don't own all the shares of all of those companies.

It’s estimated that her actual net worth is around $20 M, or $40 M when combined with Alex.

Leila Hormozi Acquisition.com

What’s Leila Hormozi doing in 2022?

Leila has a big audience due to her social media and the content that she shares constantly. She’s committed to sharing tips, knowledge, and tricks. But she is also a philanthropist, she and Alex being the biggest donor to Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School All-Stars charity, with $1M pledged.

Is there anything to learn from Leila?

Leila alongside Alex sacrificed many things to build the successful business that they always dreamt of. That meant them not spending money on dates, dinners, or plans with friends.

That wasn’t all good, because even when the couple took a break and went on vacations, Leila was constantly stressed and couldn’t even enjoy that time.

Both she and Alex started noticing that even though they were successful, they were experiencing burnout, so something had to change.

Through the changes she implemented in her businesses and the step-off of executive roles, she now has more time to enjoy her life, and she constantly shares her experience on social media.

In conclusion, it’s also important to keep a balance in life. It’s important to have time off to think, plan, and execute.

But the most important lesson that she constantly shares is that you need to find your passion, and after finding it, you should go out all into your dream and create a business out of it.

Another important lesson is the courage she had to leave everything behind and opt for a less traditional path for her to create her massive businesses. She used her determination to overcome every obstacle that came her way, and in the end, everything paid off.

Thanks for reading our piece on Leila Hormozi net worth, we hope you enjoyed it.

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