Kindle publishing income review

Have you ever wondered whether selling eBooks is a profitable business model? If so, you’ve probably come across the Kindle Publishing Income Program by Sophie Howard. The KPI is a thorough training program that helps people start a potentially successful eBook business. Read this Kindle Publishing Income review to learn more about the program.

As with most programs online, you may be worried about the legitimacy of this course. We’ve taken the time to review this course extensively. Continue reading this article to learn more if you should consider enrolling in Sophie’s course.

What is Kindle Publishing Income?

If you're interested in learning the ins and outs of the Kindle Direct Publishing industry, this program may help you. The Kindle Publishing Income program was founded by Sophie Howard, who reportedly has great expertise in this field.

Sophie reveals how you can profit from Kindle eBooks, without having to write any of them yourself. She claims you don’t need to be a good writer to make money in this business. The course will teach you how to employ freelancers to do all the work for you instead.

Once your ghostwriters have sent you the books, the next step is to upload the books to Amazon. Here’s where things take a twist. The Sophie Howard Kindle Publishing Program relies on the successful promotion of e-books, which isn’t easy to accomplish. Hence, the claims made in this training program may not be so easy to achieve.

What do you get by enrolling in the Kindle Publishing Income Program?

When you sign up for the Kindle Publishing Income program, you’ll get access to a range of course modules. The contents discuss several aspects of this business model and may help you succeed in this industry. Here’s a list of exactly what you get if you sign up for this program.

#1 Step-by-Step training

The program offers a straightforward training guide that claims to help newcomers to understand the contents. This guide will help you create an eBook and market it to make money.

#2 One year of support

Learning a new course isn’t easy. The course claims you’ll receive up to a year of support for any queries that you may have.

sophie howard review

#3 Sophie’s contacts

This industry requires a lot of contacts, including writers and graphic designers. You’ll get access to Sophie’s contacts; however, there’s no way to confirm how good they may be and how much they’ll charge.

#4 Niche Finder software

Not all niches are profitable. You’ll need proper software to help you find the right topic. Sophie’s course gives you access to the Niche Finder Software.

#5 Three months of weekly group coaching

Group coaching sessions led by Sophie will be available once a week for the first 90 days of the program. You can interact with Sophie directly to learn more about her experience in the industry.

#6 Public Domain Masterclass

Instead of hiring ghostwriters, you may acquire eBooks for free from the public domain. This part teaches you how to find an eBook that may make you money.

#7 Low Content Masterclass

Learn the ins and outs of publishing low-content books like planners, journals and workbooks.

#8 International Profit Multiplier

Sophie claims it’s easier to make money by selling your book in various languages. This segment of the program teaches you how you can use languages to your advantage.

#9 Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier

The Kindle Publishing Income course covers how to make money from paperback books and audiobooks. While it may appear easy, we’re not 100% convinced of how profitable this business can be.

#10 Access to the Facebook Group

You’ll receive access to a private Facebook group, allowing discussion with other enrolled members. You can also use the group to answer your questions and get help for your business.

How much does the Kindle Publishing Income course cost?

Recommending the Kindle Publishing Income course is difficult, given its price point. The course costs a whopping $497 per month! The course is five months long; hence, you’ll be paying at least $2,485 to complete the entire program.

Despite the program’s extensive content, it is hard to justify that price. Similar training courses are available on the internet, and we can’t confirm if you’ll benefit from attending this program. Running an eBook business involves risk, and the success rate is usually low.

Are there any additional costs?

While the program costs around $2,500 to complete, that’s not where your expenses end. Sophie emphasizes outsourcing; however, hiring ghostwriters, editors, proofreaders, formatters, and graphic designers is not cheap. Furthermore, the program relies on you marketing your product on Amazon, increasing the cost by a significant margin. Don't forget that Amazon will be taking a slice of the pie too!

Is the Kindle Publishing Income Course a scam?

After extensively researching the program, we can conclude that it isn’t a scam. The program is a genuine course that teaches you the basics of selling an eBook online. Sophie Howard is experienced in the field, and many people may learn a lot from her skills. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the program is worth your money.

If you find you're not a good fit for the program, they offer a 180-day money-back guarantee. However, it is tied to a few conditions, which may be inconvenient.

Kindle Publishing Income program complaints

While a lot of websites displayed positive reviews about the program, there were a few recurring complaints. Many members complained Sophie didn't properly guide them regarding the program's steep costs. One user complained about the promotional videos being misleading. 

Since they haven’t adequately highlighted the investment required after starting the course, it’s no wonder many were left startled. Also, a few users reported slow responses to emails. A verified user on Trustpilot claimed there were significant delays in their emails. Furthermore, a few customers reported being denied their refunds.  

Kindle publishing income complaints

Trustpilot user feedback

Pros and Cons of Kindle Publishing Income 


  • Sincere advice from Sophie, who is an experienced self-publisher
  • Plenty of training and extra guides
  • Kindle Publishing is a legit business model


  • Very high price
  • Missing upfront information regarding the program’s additional investments
  • Not ideal for beginners, as a lot of investment is required
  • Numerous complaints regarding refunds being denied

Kindle Publishing Income review verdict

The Kindle Publishing Income program teaches a tried and tested business model that may help you make income passively. It allows you to have eBooks created, and publish them on Amazon without having to personally write the books.

However, we find it hard to justify the hefty price tag of the program. Previous members have complained about how expensive the training is, and more investment is required to set up the business. Its emphasis on paid outsourcing pushes this business model out of reach for most folks.

On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to earn income passively online without having to break the bank.

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