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Welcome to our complete Kevin David review. Nowadays, most people are looking for the key to starting a business or building a business that will produce passive income while they are out there doing the stuff they like. 

Now, there are a lot of business ideas and models that you can replicate and in which, many people have been successful.

But the question is: How many of them are worth it? How many of them provide value and teach you the information you need to start your business?

Not many of them...

That’s why on this page we dedicate our time to get these programs/courses and review them to save you time, and most importantly, save you money on a bad business decision. 

In this Kevin David Review, you’ll end up knowing everything you have to about it, like what is it, what you get when you acquire it, how much it cost, whether are there any additional costs, reviews, pros and cons, complaints, and conclusions. 

Let’s dive in!

UPDATE: Kevin David Fined $2.6M By FTC

kevin david sued

You can see the article above on the FTC site, here.

Kevin David complaints

There are numerous horror story complaints about Kevin David's businesses on Trustpilot.

kevin david complaints

What is AMZDFY?

AMZDFY is a solution for starting an Amazon FBA business. However, it’s a DFY solution, which means "done for you". It’s an automated program that can do the work of product sourcing, cost negotiation, inventory keeping, product shipping, Amazon fee payment, and the retrieval of feedback from customers.  

The acronym AMZDFY means Amazon FBA Done for You System.

This program was created by Kevin David and his business partner David Arnett.

Who are Kevin David and David Arnett?

Kevin David is an entrepreneur and content creator. He’s kind of a big deal on Youtube, given that as of today (2022), his Youtube channel was over 1.47 M subscribers and more than 420 videos. In them, he talks mostly about Amazon (the business that makes him grow to the point he is now) and also about his life story. 

One of his videos is titled “Broke / Success. How I went from broke to success in 90 days”

Well, not that it’s not true. However, we keep seeing this pattern repeat itself. “I became a millionaire in 30 days, in 90 days, in 6 months, in 1 year”.

Seems like these internet gurus know that what sells, is the short time it needs to become successful (based on their metrics).

Kevin David started his first business at just the age of 14

His business was selling baseball cards.

Until he grew up and decided to enter the 9 to 5 life and earned a living as an accountant. But soon he realized that it wasn’t for him and he needed to look for another path.

While investigating other ways to make money and how to achieve financial freedom, he started selling products on Amazon in 2015. In that year, Amazon was quite new and there wasn’t a whole lot of competition.

So he soon enough started earning enough to quit his job. 

In either case, he has been scaling his businesses since that year, selling courses on sales and developing software services through his brand “ZonBase”.

As well as Kevin, David Arnett has also been selling products online since 2014. His first e-commerce platforms for sales were Amazon and eBay.

Then, in 2016 he decided to start a training course called “FBA Experts” that teaches you how to sell on Amazon, and after that, in 2017 he invested money in a warehouse to keep his stock and ship those products to Amazon.

The year was 2019, and David and Kevin met and decided to do a joint venture in “AMZ Automation”. They divided the tasks, for one part, Kevin promoted the program through his big social network, and for the other, David provided fulfillment using the warehouse he invested in.

kevin david scam

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or “Fulfillment by Amazon” is the service provided by Amazon to outsource order fulfillment. In this business model, vendors will send their products to Amazon fulfillment centers located all around the world, and when somebody buys that product, Amazon will pick, pack, and ship the order to the final customer. 

Another advantage is that Amazon takes care of the returns. 

Likewise, the platform has a few incentives for vendors, which are free promotional clicks on ads, free shipping to the fulfillment center, free storage, free liquidations, and free return processing. 

In a 4 step process, you could start selling your products on Amazon:

  1. Set up your FBA account: Create your account and set up everything.
  2. Create product listings: You will need to create product catalogs and specify the FBA inventory
  3. Prepare your products: Using the packing guidelines Amazon provides you, you’ll have to prepare the products for safe and secure transportation to the fulfillment centers.
  4. Ship your products: With the shipping plan, you’ll create, Amazon will provide you shipping ID labels so your products are ready and identified for the fulfillment center.

Consequently, the platform makes sure that the benefits of using this method are many. 

Firstly, you’ll have access to free two-day shipping, and free shipping, and use the “prime” logo which identifies these products as the ones that are 100% handled by Amazon. 

This gives your customers confidence.

Secondly, your customers will get access to trusted customer services and returns. this means that Amazon will manage all the customer support for any of your products, via phone or email 24 hrs a day. 

This service is free of charge

Thirdly, this method will let you scale your business quickly because there is no minimum of products you need to send to the fulfillment centers, you’ll reduce costs on the fulfilling of small orders, and you will be able to offer discounts to recurring customers, there’s prime delivery to some European countries, you can expand to more than 100 countries, and you can fulfill from multichannel sites. 

Regarding costs, Amazon claims that shipping through this FBA method is 32% less expensive per unit compared to other major U.S. carriers, and the two-day shipping is 72% less expensive than the same option on other carriers.

What do you get when you sign in to AMZDFY?

If you sign up for this program, Kevin and David alongside their team will build you an Amazon FBA business for you. 

This means that they will completely run the business for you. 

But it’s not for free, because you’ll have to pay them to do it and also share the profit.

Basically, they will recommend a product that according to them has been studied and proven, and you’ll have to buy it. This means that you’ll skip the tedious part of thinking about a product, researching its niche, buying it, testing it, etc.

Another difference is that you’ll not store the products in Amazon fulfillment centers, they will be stored in the warehouse that Kevin and David have.

How much does the AMZDFY program cost?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Signing into this program will be costly, very costly. 

Kevin and David have three different options to work with them:

  • Silver package or “Amazon done with you silver”: For $5,000
  • Semi-Automation:  For $10,000
  • Emerald or “Amazon FBA Automation Emerald: For $30,000

Are there any additional costs to the AMZDFY program?

Yes. The launch service has a time limit, and if you selected the Emerald package, you’ll have the option to ask Kevin and David to keep running your business.

Consequently, for this, you’ll have to pay another 30% of the profits or $5,000. Whichever is higher. 

Additionally, there’s one thing that we forgot to mention, Kevin and David take from you 30% of the profits even after paying them the fees for handling the business. 

It’s a win-win for them. They create a successful business with your money, charge you for running it, and also take a percentage of your profits. 

They might be also using it as a strategy to create and get access to new accounts, given that Amazon has a rule that states that you can only have 4 accounts. 

Maybe they will be using your new account to sell not just your product, but others. Who knows?

Is there a refund for the AMZDFY program?

According to some sites, the page of terms and services (which is no longer life) said that there was a no refund policy. 

This means that if by any means, you want to get a refund because you’re not getting any money, you are not happy with the service, or simply this business model is not for you, you’ll not have a chance to get your money back.

Seems very risky to invest money in this program, giving the key to driving it to other people and, if it fails, not having the option to get your money back.

kevin david complaints

Kevin David's Amazon Software Tool

So, who is AMZDFY for?

This program is for people that are already in any type of business and want to start or try the FBA world but don’t have the time to learn every single aspect of it or just don’t want to carry out all the tasks.

If you have the financial means to support the huge investment, maybe this course is worth considering. 

Pros and cons of AMZDFY


  • The owners have a successful record of being entrepreneurs 
  • They have a proven record of Amazon selling
  • They both have a presence on online platforms of content
  • Because they have used these strategies with success, there is a benefit to them running your business.
  • If you don’t have the time, this might be a good option to start with FBA


  • Very expensive
  • The 30% cut of profits plus the fees of handling seems too much
  • The risk of not having a successful product, and business is all on you, given that you purchased all the stock
  • The risk is very high
  • They offer no guarantees
  • There are no refunds

Is the AMZDFY program a scam?

No. Technically speaking, the AMZDY program is not a scam. You can make money with this method that Kevin and David offer you.

However, the prices that you need to pay are very high, and after paying them, you’ll have to cut off your profit, and what is worse, keep paying them to continue running it.

As if the $30,000 wasn’t enough.

You can make money with this method, and the program might help you start your own business, but nothing is as easier as it always seems, or as Kevin and David promise. 

The risk is also very high and they don’t share it with you. It’s like buying a bomb that might explode or not. And they claim that will help you take care of it but they don’t guarantee you anything.

And if it explodes, the aftermath will be all on you.

The products that these entrepreneurs sell, sometimes do not have a high ticket value, and the profit margins might be low after the cut of 30% from Kevin and David. 

Kevin David review verdict

In the end, paying so much money to someone that will start your business sounds great and fun, but if there's no guarantee or success rate, it might not be the best option. There are far better ways to start your first business and to get a passive income. 

However, if you have a big amount of money and don’t want to invest the time in learning or doing the upfront work. This might be for you.

If you are interested in this business model, we would highly recommend starting learning from other sources (there are even ones for free) rather than investing so much money in this program. 

We hope that all the information contained in this Kevin David review was good enough for you to decide whether this program is for you or not.

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