Jeff Lerner Net Worth

Jeff Lerner net worth. We know you’ve been bombarded by his Youtube ad promising a quick and easy way for getting rich. Also, there are quite a few videos where he talks about tips and knowledge for entrepreneurs and business owners.

But there’s a lot of information regarding Jeff, and not all of it it’s true.

Here you’ll learn about who Jeff Lerner is, how did he make his money, what is his actual net worth, and much more.

If you've been interested in his digital marketing course, or just came across him and want to learn more about him. This article is for you.

It seems that being an entrepreneur is quite popular today, and every media channel is full of content from these “successful” entrepreneurs.

However, many of them aren’t completely honest with their net worth and the way they got their money. Instead, they sell you overpriced courses for you to learn “secrets,” “the best system,” and “the proven method” for you to learn how to be a millionaire.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful from whom you take advice, given that many of them, don’t know as much as they make you believe.

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner is an American entrepreneur, content creator, influencer, speaker, mentor, and also pianist. He’s the founder of the ENTRE Institute, a company focused on providing digital marketing knowledge and advice to new entrepreneurs.

During his twenties, he was hired by wealthy people to perform piano concerts at different events, but his entrepreneurial career wasn’t taking off. However, he had a hand injury that left him unable to keep performing, and needed to find another way to support himself. He had obtained several loans to fund his businesses, and by the age of 29 was $500,000 in debt.

In 2018 he was living in his ex’s spare bedroom and was facing bankruptcy.

Until he found an online method for success and started paying off his debt.

Jeff came across an affiliate marketing online course and decided to take it. In the next months, he spent around 12 to 16 hours a day studying every single topic involved with affiliate marketing, and in his spare time, he used his backyard to film marketing videos.

Surprisingly, Jeff claims that he earned $40,000 in commissions in just the first month, and in the next, his commission earnings went up to $70,000 coming into third place of all affiliate marketers promoting that product.

Now he lives in Houston Texas and is 43 years old. His wife is Jacqueline Lerner and has four children: Stella Jane Lerner, Jada Lerner, Brax Lerner, and Jace Lerner. We know this because the couple discussed family topics on one of Jeff’s podcast episodes.

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How did Jeff Lerner make his money?

Jeff Lerner, despite what he claims on the internet, has made most of his money by selling his internet courses. He created these courses to help you understand digital marketing and to help his students become millionaires, just like him.

Before his success, when he was 23 he started his online career, but it was without success, and at 29 was when his business became a hit, so he started to pay off his debt.

Now that he has been running successful companies for more than a decade, he has also been featured on the INC 5000 list two times.

But besides his courses, he has also founded other ventures, such as 2:20 Investing Group (a company that focuses on Real estate and owns several properties around Texas, Ohio, and Georgia). WHAMmobile (a mobile marketing company), Xurli (a digital agency), Entresoft (a company that creates business tools), and the ENTRE Institute.

Since 2018 he has been teaching his students, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge through the ENTRE Institute.

What is the ENTRE Institute?

It’s an institute founded by Jeff. An advanced educational institution for new business owners. Jeff founded it after having a lot of experience in founding startups and making them profitable.

The ENTRE Institute has taught more than 150,000 students how to start a business. It provides one-on-one coaching to entrepreneurs based on the vision of Jeff Lerner.

Shortly after founding the ENTRE Institute, he and his partner (Adam Whiting) received at the ClickFunnels’ annual Funnel Hacking Live 2021 event the “Two Comma Club C Award.” This award is given to those who have made $50 M in sales with a funnel built on their platform. 

What is the ENTRE Blueprint?

It’s a video training program created by Jeff that claims to teach you how to start a successful online home business.

Many users say that it is just a general topics course that in the end, is more of a motivational video.

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

According to Jeff Lerner, he has built several companies that have grossed eight figures of revenue. However, these numbers are exaggerated because his actual net worth is $5 M.

Other sites claim that his monthly income  is $400,000 or that his total annual income is $500,000 a year.

Jeff Lerner complaints

Has Jeff been involved in any scams or scandals?

Jeff has not been involved in direct scams. However, before selling his affiliate marketing courses, he promoted companies that have been shut down by the FTC. 

The companies that Jeff promoted were: Digital Altitude, My Hidden Pages, Masters International (WMI), My Online Business Education (MOBE), Aspire, and Carbon Copy Pro.

This is something to bear in mind if you're planning on buying one of his courses.

Certainly, Jeff Lerner is not a scam. His Institute teaches other business owners how to scale them and make them profitable. He constantly shares educational content on his social media platforms.

However, as we'll discuss later, it is debatable that his courses are the best way to make money online.

Jeff Lerner Youtube channel

Jeff Lerner on Youtube and podcasts

Jeff launched his podcast called “Unlock Your Potential” (previously known as Millionaire Secrets) in April 2020. This podcast focuses on stories, interviews, and tips from successful people. The common thread being that they have decided not to take the 9 to 5 path, and acquired freedom, abundance, and wealth. The podcast has more than 190 episodes.

While on Youtube, he has a channel where he posts clips of his podcast, and educational videos on financial topics, entrepreneurship, and more.

His Youtube channel has more than 83,500 subscribers. It has a section called “Ask Jeff” where he responds to questions and topics suggested by his community.

A few of the most popular topics are: “How to Survive as an Entrepreneur,” “How to Overcome Depression and Create Your Dream Life,” and “How to Scale Your Business to $1 Million With Easy YouTube Ads.”


Thanks for reading to the end of this Jeff Lerner net worth article. We hope you now have a better idea of his net worth, and how he got there.

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