Infinite Income Engine Review

Infinite Income Engine review. I bought this so-called done for you, hands free income system. In this review I’ll share my experience with it so you have the info you need to proceed. 

Read to the end and I’ll share my own results with this system with you. 

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What is Infinite Income Engine?

If like me, you saw the Infinite Income Engine ad on YouTube, you’ll have heard the claim the this system can generate income for you indefinitely, with a minimum of input from you. 

Who is Merlin Holmes?

The brain behind Infinite Income Engine is Merlin Holmes. Merlin has generated upward of $150M online, in a variety of niches. 

Until now, he's best known in the internet marketing scene for his Clickbank best selling course: The Fast Tracks to 1k a Day. I bought that too, and didn't have the best experience with that either.

What’s in the Infinite Income Engine?

Because it’s meant to be done for you, there’s not much there in the way of training, just some info on getting set up. 

Also some video trainings intended to upsell you to Merlin’s higher ticket program. 

There’s also a training on how the Infinite Income Engine works. 

infinite income engine complaints

How does the Infinite Income Engine work?

As part of your setup — the only setup actually — you set your Clickbank ID. 

Merlin has a giant email database and he says that Infinite Income Engine members get allocated a small share of the traffic generated by this database. 

This traffic would be directed to Clickbank offers (I suspect Merlin’s own offers), via your affiliate link.

You then — in theory — earn commissions on any sales made. 

How much does Infinite Income Engine cost?

Infinite Income Engine costs $19.97 per month. 

However, if you go to exit the page on desktop, you’ll be offered the system for a one time payment of $19.97.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. No other tools or paid traffic is required. 

Is Infinite Income Engine a scam?

The jury is still out on this.

I purchased the system on November 29th 2022, and to date (March 7th, 2023), I’ve not seen any results. 

(Dec 30th 2022 update - I logged in a couple days ago and realized that even though I had set my CB ID when I signed up, it hadn't "stuck" and was still showing as blank. After an email to support, I managed to get it set, so let's give them another few weeks to see what happens!)

That’s not to say others haven’t had payouts, of course. 

Rest assured that I will update this article if / when I ever get any results with it. 

There are those little alerts inside the members area saying "so and so earned a commission" (see screenshot below), but they show three people earning commissions one, two and six months ago. 

With the hundreds, even thousands of people who must be purchasing this offer, if those are the most recent commissions they can boast about, it doesn't exactly inspire much confidence!

Infinite Income Engine scam

Are there any Infinite Income Engine complaints?

At the time of writing, we couldn’t find any other complaints online (apart from mine!), but this could be because it’s not been out long enough. 

Infinite Income Engine Pros & Cons


  • You don’t have to do anything but supply your Clickbank ID
  • Email support is pretty responsive


  • I’ve personally not made anything yet
  • Even if you did make something, it’s not going to be loads, and never likely to make much of a dent in your monthly bills (Merlin even admits as much in one of the videos)
  • The phone number you supply when you sign up is used by Merlin’s sales people to follow up with you pretty heavily. I had numerous calls until I finally picked up. I’m not sure what they were selling as I couldn’t complete the call but I suspect it would be either Merlin’s Fast Tracks program, or some similar high ticket offer. 

Infinite Income Engine review verdict

I’d give this one a hard pass to be honest. There are definitely better ways to make money online. 

At best, this is an offer intended to give internet marketing newbies just enough of a taste of what online success feels like (a small commission or two), for them to want to ascend Merlin Holmes' value ladder and purchase his high ticket program or coaching. 

Time will tell. 

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