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Welcome to our Googlix review. 

Looking for ways to earn money online? 

With the rise of the digital age, there are countless opportunities to make money easily. 

However, not all courses or programs promising an easy way to make a living online are genuine. 

In fact, many of them are considered by their users as outright scams. So how can you distinguish between the useful and the not-so-useful? 

Accordingly, in this blog post, we'll be reviewing "Googlix," a software created by Branson Tay that claims to provide you with cloud tools that will help you on your marketing journey, such as SEO analysis, email marketing, social media posting, copyright-free images and videos, and much more.

We'll delve into the cost, features, hidden fees, and our overall verdict on whether this program is worth your time and money. If you're considering investing in Googlix and want to make an informed decision, keep reading.

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What is Googlix?

Googlix is an online marketing platform that provides a range of tools, including SEO analysis, social media posting, email marketing, and a searchable library of copyright-free media assets like images and videos. 

Additionally, it also allows users to search for leads by scraping email addresses from the internet, to promote affiliate offers. 

This form of marketing, known as "cold email marketing," requires users to have the expertise to maintain their reputation with their autoresponder or SMTP to avoid being banned. 

Googlix integrates with Warrior Plus, JVZoo, and ClickBank to find affiliate offers. 

The front-end cost of the Googlix app, which is the primary software, is $19.

Branson Tay, the creator of Login N Cashin, Read 4 Money, and MailerLink, among other software products, is behind Googlix.

Branson Tay YouTube Channel

Branson Tay YouTube Channel

Who is Branson Tay?

Branson Tay is the person behind the creation of the Googlix app. He is a popular YouTube personality who provides guidance on how to make money online and shares knowledge about online marketing. 

Markedly, Branson Tay's extensive knowledge and experience in the field is reflected in his products on Warrior Plus, which have collectively sold over 30,000 copies. 

In addition to Googlix, he has also developed other money-making systems such as Login N' Cashin, Ultron, DeepLink, Morph, Skipperz, SquarezProfitz, Rendezvous, LeadGen Botz, Insta Traffic System, and Mailerlink.

Googlix upsells

What does Googlix cost?

While the front-end cost of Googlix is $19, there are no less than six (6) upsells, the prices of which can be seen in the image above, taken from the Googlix JV (joint venture) page. 

What's in Googlix?

The Googlix app operates on a simple 3-step process for generating revenue through Auto Profit Links. 

The first step involves making a purchase and logging into the app. Next, users must activate the "Paid2Search" technology in the Googlix dashboard. Finally, users earn $39 for each Google search made for their items.

Upon purchasing the Auto Profit Links software, users gain access to several features and benefits, including:

  • "Paid Search": technology that enables profit while searching Google.
  • Step-by-step: video training for quick setup in 1-2 minutes.
  • Support Team: a customer support team to address any issues.

The author is also offering limited-time bonuses such as:

  • A VIP ticket to a live online masterclass on making $1,000 daily.
  • A "Point-n-Click" system for earning free commissions on Warriorplus and Clickbank. 
  • A  viral traffic tool for blasting links to 500 million buyers in one click.

Additionally, users can obtain a Googlix commercial license to add an extra $200-$500 to their daily income stream by selling gigs or services. 

Finally, an insider's guide offers information on generating over $1 million online and scaling to $20 million per year.

Googlix Upsells 1-4

Offer 1: Googlix Unlimited

  • Eliminate restrictions on your account.
  • Maximize the full potential of Googlix and increase your profits from the software.
  • Gain an unfair advantage over other Googlix users.
  • Enjoy automated profits with minimal effort.
  • Earn 100-200 times more profit than other users.

Offer 2: Googlix Done For You

  • Generate income without the need for effort - 100% hands-free.
  • Our team sets up your account with campaigns that run on autopilot.
  • Save valuable time as our team handles everything for you.
  • Perfect for busy individuals who want everything done for them.

Offer 3: Googlix Hands-Free Automation

  • Automate Googlix and enjoy profits effortlessly.
  • Enjoy consistent sales traffic 24/7.
  • Let Googlix automation do all the heavy work for you.
  • Scale your profits as much as you want.

Offer 4: Googlix Income Multiplier

  • Turn $500/day into $2500/day.
  • Duplicate proven campaigns that generated over $32,000/month.
  • Access done-for-you campaigns and funnels that are proven to convert.
  • Access proven-to-convert offers that are done for you.

Googlix Upgrades 5-7

Offer 5: Googlix Limitless Traffic

  • Access a diamond source of viral traffic.
  • Learn the exact secret that earned the creator $400,000 in four months.
  • Enjoy owning a virtual ATM machine.
  • Access 100% free buyer traffic that is ready to earn you money.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to the traffic source with a one-time payment.
  • Get a premium traffic app as a bonus.
  • Get step-by-step tutorial videos and training guides as a bonus.
  • Access real-life case studies as a bonus.

Offer 6: Franchise License

  • Partner with us and become a part of our team.
  • Sell Googlix and keep 100% of the commission with guaranteed approval.
  • Get paid up to $1120 per visitor you send through the funnel.
  • Access all of our proven-to-convert resources.
  • Our professional Googlix team will handle all the support for you.

Offer 7: Googlix Emergency Cash

  • Earn $500/day with our emergency strategy for Googlix.
  • Add another income stream to your portfolio.
  • Access training and tutorial videos to help you succeed.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

The front-end software of Googlix app is priced at $19, and there are no additional costs associated with it. 

However, it is important to note that there are some undisclosed upgrades available that come at an additional cost (a total of around $1,000 if you purchase them all). It's advisable to take this into consideration before making any purchase

Is Googlix a scam?

No, I wouldn't say that Googlix is a scam. 

I can’t say that the software is a scam, however, there are concerns about its legitimacy.

Consequently, there are several issues with the marketing tactics employed, such as the hyped-up sales page and exaggerated claims of a Google loophole that enable users to earn money by simply searching. 

However, it is possible that the product may have some value, despite these marketing issues. 

It is important to approach this product with a healthy dose of skepticism and carefully consider all factors before making a purchase decision.

Are there any Googlix complaints?

Googlix has a 3.2 star rating on Trustpilot, which is pretty good. That said, the 100% of their ratings that are 1 star do give some cause for concern.

After conducting our research on Trustpilot, we could only find one review regarding Googlix, which is negative.

Particularly, the review was by Johannes Zeeman and was rated with 1 star out of 5. 

Thereafter, Johannes stated that Googlix is garbage and that it is not worth investing in. 

According to Johannes, the product by Branson Tay claims to be a platform for keyword research, analytics, funnel building, lead generation, and email autoresponder, but it falls short of its promises. 

Undoubtedly, Johannes also highlighted that the A.I. bot bump is non-existent even though users pay $9.95 for it. 

Furthermore, the company doesn't offer a no-questions-asked refund, and users are required to provide proof via screenshots.

Googlix Pros & Cons


  • Googlix offers a range of tools, including SEO analysis, social media posting, email marketing, and a searchable library of copyright-free media assets like images and videos.
  • The front-end cost of the Googlix app is only $19, which is quite affordable.
  • The creator of Googlix, Branson Tay, has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing.
  • Users can obtain a Googlix commercial license to add an extra $200-$500 to their daily income stream by selling gigs or services.
  • The product comes with step-by-step video training for quick setup.


  • There are concerns about the legitimacy of Googlix, as the marketing tactics employed by the creator include hyped-up sales pages and exaggerated claims of a Google loophole that enables users to earn money by simply searching.
  • There is only one negative review about Googlix on Trustpilot, but it claims that the product does not deliver on its promises.
  • The "Paid2Search" technology in the Googlix dashboard may not be a sustainable way to generate revenue.
  • One reviewer claims that the product's A.I. bot bump is non-existent, despite users paying $9.

Googlix review verdict

All in all, we believe there are better ways to make a living online. 

After analyzing the information about Googlix, it is apparent that there are several negative aspects to consider when deciding if this is a viable way to make money online. 

Firstly, the exaggerated claims made on the hyped-up sales page and the questionable marketing tactics used are concerning. 

Secondly, the undisclosed upgrades that come with an additional cost are worth considering. 

Lastly, there are questions about the legitimacy of the product that can be seen in the review of Trust Pilot. 

With all the options available, it is smart to choose the easiest one. 

Thus, we advise thinking thoroughly before investing in Googlix and to approach any program promising easy money with healthy skepticism.

Thank you for reading our Googlix review. We hope it has helped some in your decision making process. 

Have a blessed day!

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