Freedom Mentor Apprentice Review

Welcome to our complete Freedom Mentor Apprentice review.

Maybe you’re interested lately in real estate investing, and you’re looking for a good program or course that can help you learn the basics. 

Real estate is a big world that you can’t just get into and be successful without knowing at least the basic principles of the business. 

So you should invest in knowledge for your future career and success in real estate.

However, there are a ton of courses and programs around the internet. All of them promise you success in a few months and absurd quantities of income.

Consequently, you should do your research to protect your time and money, so you can dodge some bullets. 

In this article you’ll learn what is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program, what would you get if you decide to sign up, what is the content of the program, if there are any complaints, its reviews, and our final verdict.

For full transparency, we don’t receive any money for talking about this program.

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What is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

The Freedom Mentor Apprentice program is a mentorship program on real estate investing that is designed to help you start with the basics of real estate investing. 

Additionally, it will teach you how to find properties to buy and sell, how to close deals, and also how to improve your closing abilities. 

The program is created by Phil Pustejovsky and he will guide you through it alongside his staff and legal team. All of them will constantly give you tips and advice. The legal team even goes all the way and drafts your contracts so you can invest more easily and safely.

Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program scam

What does the official Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program page say?

“Do You Want to be a Successful Real Estate Investor?” That’s the first sales pitch you read when accessing the official site of the Freedom Mentor Apprentice program.

Additionally, the site opens up by saying that the Real Estate Mentor seeks 6 new apprentices for this program.

Following that statement, the site begins by listing some important facts about why you should consider joining like the importance of having a mentor if you want to be successful. Also, the claim that the Mentor Apprentice Program was recognized as the best mentorship program in history. (Maybe it is, but this is a bold claim, so some evidence to back it up would be nice!).

Furthermore, the site explains to you that real estate investing can “make you a fortune”, but that the road is full of obstacles and dangers. That’s why many investors have had a lot of struggles, haven’t reached their goals and they end up giving up.

These investors waste a lot of money, time, resources, and energy by doing things that are not the ones that will get you to your goal.

What’s the promise of the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

Phil says on the site that he now lives in a waterfront mansion in Florida, but getting there wasn’t easy, given that he entered real estate alone and lost everything, becoming homeless and living in his truck.

The “secret” Phil talks about is “having a real estate mentor” because entering the business alone is a big mistake.

Likewise, Phil is now looking for students that are coachable and trainable so he can mentor them, to achieve financial freedom. It’s a very small group of hand-picked people so if you apply, you’ll be examined and just a few will be accepted.

What are the benefits of the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

This program promises financial intelligence, more time, confidence, and freedom.

Additionally, you’ll learn a skill that’s useful almost everywhere with just a few work tools like a computer and a phone. 

Then Phil proceeds to talk about why right now is the best time to start investing in real estate. But here is where it gets tricky because he says that there are a ton of new opportunities out there and he needs to have more hands. That’s why he is mentoring a selected group of individuals with whom he will share the net profits 50/50 of the first deals they’ll do together. This means he will take 50% of your profit if you close a deal.

What are the requirements to join the program?

Phil lists some requirements necessary to attend his program. These are: 

  • Being coachable: Willingness to learn, and be open-minded.
  • Action-oriented: He wants only people that are willing to take action and not just stand thinking about it. However, you’ll not be alone, given that Phil and his staff will be at your side all the time.
  • Honesty: Integrity is a must.
  • Commitment: You need to be willing to commit mentally and financially to achieve success.
  • Positivity: Phil only needs people that have a positive mental attitude. 

What's in the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

In the end, the page for the Freedom Mentor Program doesn’t tell you exactly what you’ll learn. Instead, it focuses on the benefits.

However, Phil has another program called the Pre-Apprentice program that offers everything that the complete program teaches but only lasts a month and is cheaper. 

The features are:

  • 4 direct calls with Phil
  • Fast track success blueprint 
  • Access to funding resources like transactional funders
  • Private money sources and hard money lenders
  • Letter of proof of funds that you need to buy the property
  • Access to Real Estate Online Software that will help you manage the real estate deals
  • Personalized website to help you attract real estate leads
  • Super Course
  • Training audio series
  • Quick start video for real estate investing
  • Vendor Network
  • A session for business strategy.

But what is the Pre Apprentice program?

This program was just a pre-program of 30 days that was created to help you understand what the complete program was all about. It costs $997 which is much less than the total cost of the complete mentorship.

However, the weird thing is that this program is no longer available on Phil’s website, and can only be found if you type the direct words into Google.

Who is Phil Pustejovksy, the creator of the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

He was born and raised in Texas, in Bayton but at 5 years old he had to move to Massachusetts. 

Afterward, he dedicated himself completely to school and that earned him entry to Vanderbilt University, a recognized University that sometimes is called the Harvard of the South. But after entering, Phil wasted a lot of his time at parties.

However, that wasn’t an impediment to achieving his goal, and ended up graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Shortly after graduating, Phil couldn’t find a decent job and he had to take a valet parking job to pay the bills. While working there, he noticed that people that arrived in the most luxurious cars were always doctors, entrepreneurs, or attorneys and he asked them always for advice. Almost all of them advised him to get into real estate.

Surprisingly, that was the reason why Phil invested his resources into learning everything about real estate.

Simultaneously, Phil was applying to other jobs trying to find a better one until he was accepted in a commercial HVAC sales job for the Trane company, but it wasn’t all good once he was there.

He became quickly bored with the daily chores and he was even scolded for napping at the job. 

However, his real estate interest kept growing inside him and he used his free time to read everything about it. He then noticed that almost every wealthy person mentioned real estate as a good opportunity to be successful.

6 months later after being accepted into his new job. He argued with his boss and decided to quit immediately and pursue his real estate career. 

How did Phil become successful in Real Estate?

But Phil learned early that real estate wasn’t as easy as he thought and came to the conclusion that closing the deals was difficult. 

Later on, he became almost homeless as he was living in his truck and couldn’t afford anything to eat. Just canned beans.

The story says that Phil's last option was praying and he prayed a lot.

Then, he was trying to close with one investor and he decided to tell him his current state and status to try to convince him. The investor was inspired by his story and the way he left everything to pursue his dream of real estate. 

Surprisingly, the investor decided to coach and advise him with his long-term experience of decades, but the only thing that he asked for, was to split the profits 50/50.

Eventually, Phil had the chance to close a deal for $10,000 but he didn’t want to make a mistake so he went back to his mentor. The mentor advised him and he ended up getting around $56,000 in profit from a deal that he thought was $10,000. 

That was the moment, Phil knew that the key to real estate was having a mentor.

How did the idea for the Freedom Mentor Apprentice come together?

His real estate journey was beginning to take off and decided to take a vacation with his wife to Hawaii for their honeymoon. However, their plans changed and ended up going to Florida. 

During the flight, Phil decided to take a look out the window and could see hundreds and hundreds of houses and a question came to his mind: How could he close deals all across the country? 

Then, in an instant, the answer lay before his eyes. If he started to mentor other real estate investors, he could close those deals.

The idea was written on the back of a napkin and decided that the name was going to be “Freedom Mentor”, looking to give his students freedom through real estate.

To share his program and tips, he started writing blog posts and then publishing videos on YouTube.

His YouTube fame grew with one of his videos about how to flip houses, which had hundreds of views so he decided to dedicate more time to that platform.

He has 328,000 youtube subscribers today and his most viewed video has more than 77 M views. Quite impressive. 

Freedom mentor Youtube channel

How much does the Freedom Apprentice Program cost?

The exact cost is unknown as you have to schedule a call to find out, but the program likely costs around $3,000 to $10,000. Probably towards the top end of that range. 

Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program Complaints

Comments about Phil are mixed. Many people say good things about him and his program, saying that he helped them start their real estate business, and quit their jobs, the personal help he gives to his students, and how honest and direct he is about this business model. 

Phil's company has a 3.7 star rating on Trustpilot

freedom mentor apprentice program complaints

Most of the one star complaints seems to center around not being able to get out of the agreement to split your profits 50/50. And some complain that you can't get in touch with other students. 

I was also impressed with the responses that Phil's company gave to complaints.

Is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program a scam?

No, I'd say this program is definitely not a scam. It actually seems pretty good, and I say that as a real estate investor and trainer myself.

Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program pros & cons


  • Plug into a proven system from a very accomplished investor
  • Intensive support available via phone and email
  • The have some "skin in the game" with the profit share model


  • Very high investment
  • Need to be sure about the profit share arrangement because you can't get out of it. I believe you need to share your first $500,000 of profit
  • Real estate is really a people business, so not ideal for introverts.

Freedom Mentor Apprentice review verdict

Real estate investing is real and is used by many wealthy people to become successful. However, if you want to start from scratch, this might not be the best idea.

You’ll need a big investment for the course, you get no refund, you have to split the profit and in the end, real estate is not an easy business. It takes a lot of time to get to know the key aspects of it.

In the end, we prefer developing passive income online.

We hope that this Freedom Mentor Apprentice program review was enough for you to decide whether this program is worth it and whether you need it to be successful in real estate. 

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