FBA Masterclass Review

FBA Masterclass Review. Are you looking for an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to successfully sell on the Amazon FBA scheme? 

You need to read this article first.

Despite the high number of courses on how to sell online and about selling on Amazon, you should be careful which one you dedicate time to and pay for.

In this article, we’ll talk about everything about the FBA Masterclass including the content of the training, what will you get if you buy it, its total cost, its additional costs (if it has any). We'll also see some reviews from real students, pros and cons and the final verdict.

Our job is to provide you with enough information about the course so you take the best decision about whether this is a good course with good content that is worth it.

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What is the FBA Masterclass?

“Become part of the community of students who are making great income through Amazon FBA by following our comprehensive, step-by-step training. Launch your dream Amazon business & the life you deserve now.”

It's the opening phrase on the site of Tom Wang’s site for his FBA Masterclass. 

Following that, Tom explains that the FBA Masterclass is a mentorship program to teach students from all over the world how to find success selling through Amazon FBA. 

The program is private and if you want to access it, you need to be qualified by being an individual who wants to start a side hustle that eventually transforms into a full-time income in just months.

This “months” claim sound pretty good. 

Furthermore, Tom begins by giving you information about why you should choose them, which are: 

  1. Proven method: The training they give is a step-by-step method that is proven and it will give you the complete framework to build financial freedom.
  2. No experience needed: You can gain knowledge even if you have no experience, connections, or the fundamentals of Amazon FBA.
  3. Growing community: The community of individuals that are taking this training and using the life-changing opportunity is growing every day. There is also a Facebook private community and you’ll learn from entrepreneurs that make 6 figures or even 7.
  4. One-on-One Mentorship: You’ll get a dedicated Amazon FBA mentor from which you can get every question that arises answered. These mentors are experts. 
Tom Wang FBA Masterclass

First things first. What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (or Amazon FBA) is just a service provided by Amazon that will give you the option to store your products in their fulfillment center so they can take care of the packaging and shipping to the final customer. 

Instead of having to do everything yourself, wasting time and money on the small packages, you’ll be assisted by Amazon on all of this. 

Moreover, it works like this: You send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers, where these items are stored in the warehouse until a sale is completed. Then, the employees will take your product, prepare it, package it, and send it to your customer. 

What are the benefits of using Amazon FBA?

Amazon encourages you to use this service by providing the following benefits: 

  • Your products will have the name of Amazon associated with them. This means that they will have a quality guarantee that will make your potential buyers trust you and will almost guarantee a sale from interested buyers. It’s all about the trust of your customer. 
  • You’ll be assisted with Amazon Customer Service Management 24/7. This service will take care of management inquiries, refunds, or returns on your behalf. And what’s best is that this service is free except for the fee that is applied for the returns processing to selected product categories. 
  • The shipping fees will be subsidized by Amazon because they have a relationship with the shipping companies so this means that you’ll pay less compared to what you would pay using an individual’s account. It will also allow offering free shipping over a certain amount of purchases using Amazon Prime shipping and FREE Super Saver Shipping. 
  • You’ll get access to Multi-channel Amazon Fulfillment Centers. The sellers can store their products in the Amazon Fulfillment Centers that will be able to ship them not just to sales on Amazon but on other marketplaces too. 
  • If you sell through other marketplaces, your items will be processed in the same way as if you had made a sale in Amazon Marketplace, which means that your products will be handled carefully.
  • With your products on Amazon FBA, you’ll get the “Prime” badge which will allow you to access a sector of customers that are looking to get two free one or two-day shipping. This will help to guarantee sales. 

How do you get started in Amazon FBA?

You just have to create an Amazon seller account, set up Amazon FBA, and package the products that will go to the fulfillment centers with Amazon’s packaging guidelines and shipping and routing guidelines. 

What do you get in the FBA Masterclass?

This is a video training course that is created by Tom Wang. In it, he will teach you how to start a side hustle that becomes a passive income, and that can be full-time eventually. 

Tom is a successful Amazon FBA seller and he also provides coaching calls and training to his community of students that is constantly growing for them to be successful in Amazon FBA.

Consequently, the course is taught by Tom himself, who was able to quit his day job within a year after launching his first Amazon product. 

However, success didn’t come easy, he has already started seven startups that failed and experienced numerous roadblocks along the way.

Wang is willing to help you navigate through the violent currents and rough terrains of entrepreneurship. 

Who is Tom Wang?

“I immigrated from China to Canada in 2001 and instantly became an underdog”. Writes Tom in his site for the training. 

Then, he tells the story about has his mom worked three jobs and still struggling to put food on the table. He started a side hustle for scalping tickets and flipping on the platform Craiglist. Even when his parents wanted him to focus 100% on his studies. 

He started 7 different businesses and after finding Amazon FBA, it was the only business that proved successful. Since 2017 he has generated more than 8 figures selling products on the Amazon FBA model. He also sold one of his brands called “Sdara Skincare” for 7-figures. 

fba masterclass scam

He continues to invest in creating brands. 

Tom also worked as an account manager at the Yellow pages call center before starting his Amazon seller journey.

However, what no one tells you is that his first two products on Amazon weren’t successful. That is, until the third which sold more than $ 5 M.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Tom launched the FBA Masterclass training to help students learn his methods on how to sell on Amazon using the “single product profit technique”

He claims that you can make millions in months if you use his method.

Again, this sounds very promising and very easy.

What’s the content of the FBA Masterclass?

The training course includes 3 learning steps that will let you be successful in the Amazon FBA product. 

  1. Selecting the right product to sell
  2. Rock bottom sourcing process
  3. Rank and Bank system

Step 1 “Selecting the right product”

The FBA Masterclass says that the best products to sell on Amazon have the following characteristics:

  • They are under $50 and are compact, lightweight, and with availability all year.
  • They need to have little competition and you can measure this if they have less than 100 reviews. 
  • The searches that this product needs to be more than 3,000 a day.
  • The real cost of the product (from the supplier) needs to be $1 or $2 per unit. 

The training will also teach you how to use the gold mining tool that is called the “Viral Launch” and it's used to find the right product.

However, you need to know that “Viral Launch” costs from $58 to $166 per month and Tom is an affiliate, so he will receive a commission if you sign up.

The team of the FBA Masterclass offers a service to search for the right products for you if you don’t want to do it or don’t have the time.

Step 2 “Rock Bottom Sourcing Process”

This part will teach you how to efficiently find the products that are the best quality and at the lowest possible price. 

Tom has a recommendation in this step, which is to contact approximately 60 suppliers to discover which one has the best pricing to source them.

Subsequently, you need to bargain with these suppliers to get the best deals. After deciding on the supplier, you’ll need to hire an inspection company to go to the production plant to inspect the product quality and production.

Therefore, to secure the transaction, you’ll need to offer the supplier a 30% deposit at the start of the contract. The remaining percentage would then be due after the product passed the inspection from the inspection company.

Now that you have concluded all these steps you need to pay all the fees to send all the inventory to the Amazon Warehouses. 

Step 3: Rank and bank system

After Amazon Warehouse has processed correctly the products you now need to list them on the site. 

The training will teach you how to create effective listings with good photographs, videos, copy, and keywords for the product description. 

In this step, the most important thing is to get good reviews to improve your product rating on the platform so the training provides two options, organic traffic and paid traffic strategies for this.

Evidently, organic traffic is free but takes longer to appear. 

However, there is a strategy to get reviews and offers on Facebook. You need to offer your product for free in exchange for good reviews. The process is simple, they click on the ad, they purchase, get the product, review it and then you reimburse the cost. 

But you need to be careful with this method because Amazon is suspending accounts that promote this type of strategy. 

How much does the FBA Masterclass cost?

The training with Tom Wang has a total cost of $6,997 and it has 320 lessons that are divided into 13 parts. You can also access coaching calls and other bonuses. 

Are there any additional costs from the FBA Masterclass?

There's a recommended tool called “Viral Launch” used to find the right product to sell, which costs from $58 to $166 per month.

You’ll also need an investment of $10,000 to $15,000 to launch your first Amazon product. 

Is the FBA Masterclass a scam?

We can’t say that the FBA Masterclass is a scam because the training course teaches you how to sell on Amazon using the FBA method. This method has been used by many successful entrepreneurs.

Overall, it will not be an easy path, there is a lot of work to do, and things to learn, and you need to have a lot of sales to make a good profit out of it. 

Are there any FBA Masterclass Complaints?

FBA Masterclass actually has a pretty good overall rating on TrustPilot...

FBA masterclass trustpilot

That said, 9% of the reviews are one star reviews. Perhaps these folks didn't follow the course properly, but it's a bit scary that these kinds of losses are possible if you put a foot wrong.

fba masterclass complaints
tom wang complaints

Pros and Cons of the FBA Masterclass

This is the part of our FBA Masterclass review where we review the pros and cons of this program...


  • The creator, Tom Wang is a successful entrepreneur
  • He knows what he is talking about and has sold successfully through Amazon FBA
  • Almost all the training you need is covered in the lessons
  • You’ll learn everything from the basics to start selling on Amazon FBA


  • The course is very expensive
  • You need a very big investment to start selling your first product
  • The course is non-refundable
  • Selling on Amazon has a lot of competition

FBA Masterclass review verdict 

This training is not a scam and the business model is real. It can help people make money.

However, it might not be the first option for you to start selling online or making money online. 

This is because the cost is very expensive and you need to invest a lot of money upfront.

In conclusion, there may be a better way for beginners to start making money online. 

Thank you for reading this FBA Masterclass review and we hope that we covered all the aspects of it to help you take the best decisions regarding this training

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