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Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Bonus 12 Hour Cash Machine

BONUS #1 - The 12 Hour Cash Machine Method ($197 Value)

In this unique video training, you’ll discover how to snag your first up to $1k commission within 12 hours of joining, by doing a simple 10 minute task. Use this surprisingly simple but devastatingly effective method to get your first sale(s) within 12 hours or less. With no funnels, no list, and no ads.

Freedom Breakthrough Bonuses Quickstart Guide

BONUS #2 - Freedom Breakthrough Quickstart Guide ($97 Value)

This Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 bonus is designed to get you off to a flying start with the program. It's a thorough program, and it might be a little overwhelming when you first clap eyes on it, but this short but punchy video will orient you correctly, and set you up for the win with high-ticket affiliate marketing. 

Freedom Breakthrough Bonus Unbreakable Mindset

BONUS #3 - Unbreakable Affiliate Mindset ($197 Value)

No matter how good a program is — and Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is top notch; I searched for months for something good enough to make my core offer —  it can still have its weaknesses. That's why my second bonus is designed to address the number 1 reason why people FAIL in this business. 

I'm pretty sure you know by now it's not down to lack of marketing "hacks" or "secrets", it's down to faulty mindset. Only by fixing this issue, will you be able to build the kind of business that you deserve and design the life that you desire.

Jonathan Montoya Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Bonuses Traffic Strategy

BONUS #4 - Traffic Strategy Decider ($197 Value)

You'll have heard it said that traffic is the lifeblood of your business. You can't get sales if you don't get eyeballs on your offers. But which traffic strategy should you choose? Choosing the wrong one could put an end to your affiliate marketing business before you even begin, so it's vital you choose the right one. 

You might even be a little intimidated when you see that Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 has no less than EIGHT awesome traffic strategies to choose from.

And that's why, in this video training and accompanying cheatsheet bonus, I'll walk you through how to decide what strategy will suit you, your personality, and your time constraints. 

This is not "sexy", as it does not include any marketing "hacks" or shortcuts, but this is something I don't think I've ever heard anyone train on before.

Are you an introvert like myself? Got you covered. Extrovert? Got you covered too.

Jonathan Montoya Bonuses Leverage My Bonus Stack

BONUS #5 - Leverage My Bonuses To Make Sales For Yourself! ($1297 Value)

The big difference between super affiliates who make tons of sales, and those who struggle is a bonus package.

If you decide to promote Freedom Breakthrough too — and why wouldn’t you with 75%, $1,000+ commissions on the table — then you can use my entire bonus stack (minus the 1-1 coaching obviously) in your own offer. 

Bonuses help you stand out from the crowd and dramatically increase your conversions. Having these high quality bonuses at your disposal will save you the stress, time and effort of creating your own.

Freedom Breakthrough Bonuses Secret Lead Gen Tool

BONUS #6 - Secret Lead Gen Software Training! ($97 Value)

In this rare curated video training, we reveal a secret software that super-affiliates are using to rake in 50-100 free leads per day on Facebook, in less than 30 minutes, and then use semi-automated messaging to convert those leads into high-ticket sales.

We'll also show you how to get a free trial of the software. 

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