E-Farming review

E-Farming Review. In this article, you’ll learn everything about E-Farming with Igor Kheifets. You’ll know what E-farming is if it’s true that Igor made $403,919 just by doing it from his laptop and if he is working only 5 hours a week.

We’ll also talk about if this is worth your time or if it is a hard pass. 

There are a ton of online courses on affiliate and digital marketing around. Most of them are repetitive, simple, and full of false promises. That’s why we decided to try the E-Farming course and test ourselves if this is one of those courses, or if it’s really worth it. 

What is E-Farming?

This term is completely new. Nobody is using it on the internet, just Igor, and is the name he assigned to the method of building a database of people who want to be updated regularly through email about products or services that will likely be of use to them.

However, the important thing about this method is that the people that are giving you their email are the ones who want to receive your emails. They have permitted you to bombard them with emails and that means, your content will not be considered spam.

That’s all it is. Just building a list of people who give you permission to send them emails and who are expecting to hear from you.

Lastly, the concept of E-farming that Igor is using is email marketing. He’s just changing it because the people you are sending emails to, have given their email to you. But aren’t all email lists created of people that subscribed to your newsletter or accepted the terms at one point?

Who is Igor Kheifets? 

There’s not much information on the internet about Igor Kheifets. Just one random website that says that Igor has been in the online business for a few years. The same website claims that Igor started from the bottom, having nothing and that he started developing a skill for building effective email lists.

Despite being just an average guy, he had the determination and will for becoming successful. His marketing strategy and email lists made him one of the top affiliate marketers around and people started asking him to teach about his methods.

That’s why he decided to create courses. 

What do you get with the E-Farming course?

Igor will teach you his E-farming method, which consists of the following steps:

  1. Find an offer
  2. Create a Landing page
  3. Buy solo ads
  4. Grow your list with solo ads and keep sending emails

What do the steps consist of? 

e-farming scam

1-Find an offer: 

The first thing you need to do to start sending emails or creating a list is find an offer of a product or service that is worth promoting. Igor recommends popular and effective sites like JVZoo, CJ, Clickbank, and others. 

For example, Clickbank is an online platform that helps connect more than 100,000 sellers and marketers to reach millions of customers in the world. It offers a transparent product marketplace, top-performing offers, and reliable payments. 

Secondly, it offers E-commerce tools for business owners to scale their businesses. The tools are hosted order forms, integrated payments, and the ability to attract, manage and pay affiliates. 

Thirdly, they make sure they don’t leave you alone by providing support and education with personalized account management, exclusive industry events, and a powerful spark education platform. 

This platform is for both users, and affiliate marketers who want to promote thousands of quality products or services and where you can earn up to $150 for a sale. It’s also for business owners who want to reach more customers, that want to access thousands of affiliate marketers, and who want to automate the payments of these affiliate marketers.

2-Create a landing page: 

By using a page builder, you’ll create a landing page that will promote the service or product that you selected. The key here is to offer a free giveaway if the person visiting your landing page gives you their email. Igor makes it easy for you by providing proven templates for landing pages. 

Certainly, the templates are easy to use since you only need to change the copy/text and add images of the product or service selected. But there’s a catch here because you need to use Leadpages. After all, that’s the platform Igor uses for these templates.

However, Leadpages is way cheaper than Clickfunnels.

But, what is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a platform that lets you easily create landing pages, connect your marketing tools of preference, track your results and get more leads. 

The in-site builder will easily let you create and publish a professional landing page in just minutes by dragging and dropping the content you would like to show.

Additionally, the templates of this builder are created to maximize conversions with its optimized pages, pop-up alerts, alert bars, and A/B tests that will transform the traffic into leads and customers. 

The tools that Leadpages provides will let you control everything in one place and create effective digital marketing. 

Likewise, Leadpages is code-free so you don’t have to worry about your skills, it has over 200 templates, you can connect your landing page to your email account or CRM, it lets you have A/B tests to see what works, and has a 14-day free trial for you to see if it’s the right fit. 

3-Buy solo ads: 

What is a solo ad? Some digital marketers have created big email lists for very specific niches. So for a fair price, these people will let you email your offer to their lists. 

Nonetheless, you have to be careful in this step, because there will be digital marketers that already set a fee for using their email lists, but you can negotiate the price with others. Once you agree with the owner of the list, you will have to send them a draft of the email containing your offer for them to send to the subscribers. 

The offer will direct the potential buyers to your landing page. And even if you don’t make the sale, you can start building your email list with this method. 

After all, some sites provide this service, like Soloadsx, which provides you with hand-picked traffic for you with a proven track record that will get you sales. The traffic that this site provides is 100% human, it guarantees you conversions, experts will provide you with the perfect traffic for your product/service, and has a variety of solo ad vendors from which you can choose. 

4-Grow your list with solo ads and keep sending emails: 

The solo ads fulfill the purpose, which is helping you create your email list. It’s the cycle that you have to keep doing: paying for solo ads to get more emails for your list and sending emails to that list. The list you start creating becomes a real asset in the future, and then you can also sell solo ads with your list.

Is there a difference between the E-Farming course and the 301K challenge?

Igor offers two courses, the E-Farming course, and the 301K challenge. They are the same but with a different framing but both focus on helping beginners start their own business through affiliate marketing and make their first sale. 

One website claims that they are the same, but the course that Igor announces more about is the E-Farming because the name 301K challenge was hard for people to understand. 

How much does the E-Farming course cost?

The cost for both the E-Farming course and the 301K challenge is $197. It’s a one-time payment without upsells.

Are there any additional costs to the E-Farming course?

There are no additional costs to the course. However, you will need tools to complete the steps required for E-Farming: 

  1. Autoresponder: You can’t send all your emails manually, so you will need an autoresponder tool that helps you with this task. One example of an autoresponder tool is Getresponse and the cost is $15.58 a month. However, there is a free 30-day trial.
  1. A page builder: Leadpages, as we discussed earlier, is the tool that Igor uses. The cost for this tool is $37 a month and it will let you build unlimited pages. There is a free 14-day trial. 
  1. Solo ads: The solo ads you buy will depend on your strategy, product, or service that you choose. An example of the cost of an ad is from 30 cents to $1.40 per click. However, your success will depend on how many solo ads you buy.

The first two tools have a free day trial, so they might pay themselves if you start making money within those days. However, the solo ads need to be paid and we need to consider them an additional cost. We have to say that solo ads are not that expensive compared to traditional ads like Facebook ads. 

In the end, it will resume the investment you make on the solo ads.

e-farming complaints

Complaints on the E-Farming course

There is no available information regarding complaints on both Igor courses, the 301k challenge, and the E-Farming course. This can mean two things, the first would be that maybe the course is too good, or the second one would be that Igor doesn’t have sufficient students for them to make reviews.

What are the benefits of this course?

When doing his sales pitch, Igor claims that you don’t need any experience doing E-Farming and that you can make $100 to $997.50 a day for the next month with this method. Sounds too promising, doesn’t it?

Additionally, this is a beginner's course, so you don’t need any experience. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can learn from scratch and follow Igor’s method.

The online support of the course is great. Usually, questions are answered within 24 hours. 

Is the E-Farming course a scam?

All things considered, E-Farming is just plain and simple email marketing. And email marketing has been around since the 1990s. E-Farming is also affiliate marketing, a business model that many digital marketers have been using for quite a long time.

If done correctly and effectively, affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money so you can’t consider this course a scam.

However, naming the affiliate marketing method “E-Farming” just to make it sound new, it’s another thing. 

Above all, if you execute affiliate marketing correctly, the claim that Igor makes regarding the option to work just for a few hours on your computer and travel the world would be possible. 

Does the E-Farming course have a refund?

The course has a 30-day refund. Unlike many other courses, if you ask for a refund for this one, there will be no questions asked. If you don’t make money with this method or it’s just not for you, you can ask for it and they will give you back your money.

They will not ask you even to prove that you attempted the strategy.

E-Farming Review Pros and Cons


  • The course is not too expensive
  • The methods (affiliate marketing and digital marketing), when executed correctly, can help you make money
  • The help desk is good and quick
  • It’s designed for beginners


  • There are associated costs of additional tools that you will need
  • The success will depend on your investment in the solo ads
  • There are a lot of bad mailing lists from solo ads & the strategy seems a little outdated

E-Farming review verdict

The course might be legit. However, there are far better methods for making money than spending $197 on a course on affiliate marketing and digital marketing masked with a new method name called “E-Farming”. 

We hope that this article was helpful for you to decide if the contents of the course, the method used, and the strategies in it are worth your time and money. 

Thanks for reading to the end of our E-Farming review, we hope you found it useful!

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