High Ticket Affiliate Coach


0. Overview 

Additional Notes

For this setup, we no longer use a bridge page, so the funnel only consists of an opt in page. 

The video mentions 50 emails, in the new setup, there are currently 34 emails, and they promote just one affiliate program, not multiple. 

The opt in page now looks different to the one in the video!

0.5 Client email access 

Additional Notes

For this setup, we do not use email forwarding, instead an actual mailbox. 

To log into the client's mailbox, click the button below and use the "Your 'from' email choice" entry from the client's Google info sheet as the username, and the "Namecheap mailbox password" field as the password.

This step is for info only, no action is required. 

1. Set up Boxward 

Additional Notes

We use Boxward to "warm" the client's new email address, so that their account doesn't get shut down when we start paid traffic to their funnel. 

Boxward settings:

Incoming/outgoing servers name - mail.privateemail.com

SMTP Port - 465

IMAP Port - 993

Admin email - johnmackaywilson@yahoo.com 

2. Get Systeme.io account 

Additional Notes

We no longer need the Systeme affiliate link, so please ignore that part in the video below.

3. Point domain at Systeme.io
4. Add domain redirect
5. Validate email and domain

Additional Notes

Note that when setting the Name of the CNAME in Namecheap, we ONLY use the part of the string indicated by the red box in the image below.

Now also need to add a DMARC record to DNS, as follows

6. Finish email settings

7. Share funnel & emails

Additional Notes

The funnel & emails have changed, so the opt in page will look different, and the email campaign will have less emails. 

The buttons below will share the pre-built funnel & email campaign into the client's Systeme.io account. Be sure to log into the client account first, and only click each button ONCE!

8. Connect funnel & campaign
9. Shorten links in Short.io 

Additional Notes

We now shorten links in Short.io instead of Bitly.  

As well as the "special" link described in the video, please also create a link with slug "landing" that points directly to the client's opt in page, i.e. their custom domain, e.g. jimmackofficial.com. Please also record this in the Google sheet in the space provided.. 

10. Set thank you page

Additional Notes

This short step is a change to the old setup. Note that contrary to the video, please use the link labeled "Rotator link" from the client's info sheet (we set this up in the last step.)

11. Edit terms & privacy pages
12. Set name in welcome email 

Additional Notes

We don't use a bio for this setup, so please ignore reference to that in the video, but we still need to set the name at the start of the welcome email and in the signature.

13. Set links & signature in emails 

Additional Notes

We are now setting a single link in all emails (see Short.io video above), so please set the same link in all emails (shortened with Short.io) The link will be the one labeled "Rotator link" in the client info sheet.

14. Finalize domain config
15. Test the funnel 

Additional Notes

For this setup, the opt in page looks different, and there's no bridge page, so we go straight to a (different) sales page after you opt in. 

Also, we no longer add a bio to the welcome email. 

16. Deliver your work!

Once you're done and the funnel has been successfully tested, let me know by messaging me on Messenger via the link below.