Conversiobot Review

Welcome to our ConversioBot review. 

ConversioBot is a relatively new automated chatbot by marketer Simon Wood, that promises to help increase online sales by engaging customers in conversations on websites and social media platforms.

ConversioBot is also doing the rounds being sold via a webinar, as a business opportunity of selling the software to businesses.

Many people have been tempted by the idea of an AI-driven tool that can boost their sales, but is ConversioBot really worth the investment?

In this review, we'll look at how well it works and whether or not it lives up to its promise.

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What is ConversioBot?

Chatbot software, like ConversioBot, is a new technology that promises to revolutionize customer service. Its goal is to provide users with an improved online experience by automating interactions with customers and providing quick answers to their questions or concerns. But despite its potential benefits, there are some important things to consider when it comes to using this type of software.

To start, conversational bots typically have limited capabilities compared to real humans. While they can provide basic information and answer simple questions quickly and accurately, they may not be able to handle more complex matters in the same way that a human customer service representative could. Additionally, chatbot software can often lack the empathy needed for certain customer inquiries, making it difficult for customers who need additional help or understanding from their customer support team.

The business opportunity of ConversioBot also includes a digital course which teaches how to build and sell chatbots to businesses as an independent chatbot consultant.

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Who is Simon Wood?

ConversioBot creator Simon Wood is a very experienced and accomplished internet marketer, with 32 years and millions of dollars of sales under his belt. He is a Clickbank Platinum seller, which means he has sold over $250,000 on their platform. 

Who is Simon Wood, creator of ConversioBot chatbot software? Simon Wood is a renowned digital marketer and entrepreneur who has been leading the tech scene for the past two decades. He is the mastermind behind ConversioBot, an AI-powered chatbot that enables businesses to quickly create automated conversations with customers via their website.

Simon’s journey began when he started building websites for companies. Since then, he has helped numerous businesses grow online through his various projects and technologies. In 2018, Simon launched ConversioBot with the mission of making it easy for anyone to create a natural conversation between their business and its customers on their website or social media platforms.

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What does ConversioBot cost?

ConversioBot is available as a monthly subscription of either $35 or $47 per month, for the Lite or Pro levels respectively. 

The business ConversioBot opportunity that Simon promotes via YouTube ads and joint venture webinars is a one-time payment that includes the software and also a digital training course. That cost is likely several hundred dollars although we were unable to confirm the current price.

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What's in Conversiobot?

The ConversioBot business opportunity includes a lifetime license for the software, and rights to sell it to businesses. 

You also get training on setting up and configuring the software for clients, and also how to create customized chatbots for them. You also get training on how to prospect for clients in order sell chatbots to them. 

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

No, we are not aware of any other costs required to run the ConversioBot business opportunity. 

Is ConversioBot a scam?

No, Conversiobot is not a scam. It is a useful software and the business opportunity is centered round a legitimate business that many people are making money with these days.

Are there any ConversioBot complaints?

ConversioBot has a 4.2 star rating on Trustpilot, which is pretty good. That said, the 20% of their ratings that are 1 star do give some cause for concern.

conversiobot trustpilot

This one star review is troubling, although the response given by the company seems helpful. 

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ConversioBot Pros & Cons


  • Cost effective - ConversioBot chatbot software is relatively inexpensive compared to other chatbot software solutions available.
  • Easy to use - It has a simple user interface and is easy to set up and customize.
  • Customizable - There are several features that can be configured to tailor the chatbot's responses to suit your specific needs.
  • Business opportunity - rights and training to sell the software to businesses means that this is a viable business opportunity for someone looking to make money online


  • At the end of the day, this will be a sales job. You're in business for yourself, but you need to prospect for customers to sell the software to, and make sales calls and so on
  • Once you get customers, you will be responsible for doing customer support and keeping your customers happy
  • Might not be the best for someone who is technologically challenged. Setting up of Chatbots is somewhat technical, although training is supplied by ConversioBot.

ConversioBot review verdict

In conclusion, ConversioBot chatbot software may be a useful tool for businesses and organizations that are looking to manage customer service needs. However, it should not be seen as a replacement for human contact, which is still essential for providing quality customer service. 

In terms of the business opportunity, due to the sales aspect, and being an introvert myself, I believe there are better ways to make a living online. 

Thank you for reading our ConversioBot review. We hope it has helped some in your decision making process. 

Have a blessed day!

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