Booming Bookkeeping Review

Looking to get into it? You should read first our complete Booming Bookkeeping review, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We’ll talk about the Booming Bookkeeping course, how much it costs, additional costs, complaints of users, pros and cons, and our final verdict.

As with many of these courses, they’re often much more expensive than first advertised, so this review might help you dodge a bullet and save money.

What is Booming Bookkeeping?

The Booming Bookkeeping Business is a course that claims that you can start an accounting and bookkeeping business without having any experience whatsoever. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let's get into it to know if this claim is true. 

Basically, the course provides a program that teaches you how to use Quickbooks. It is also combined with the free training that you get when signing into the software, which teaches you the important aspects of using the platform. Also the basics of accounting that you’ll need for bookkeeping, and how to set your profile on platforms you’ll be using while bookkeeping, which are Quickbooks Pro Advisor, Linkedin, and others.

What's in Booming Bookkeeping?

The course is divided into eight modules, of which three explain to you how to create the legalities of your future business. Two modules teach you general aspects of bookkeeping, and the last three modules are dedicated to setting your profiles on all the sites and tools you’ll need for it, and how to start making sales.

The author of the course explains that he uses the word “sales” because to him, getting clients is just pure and hard selling.

Therefore, in the end, the course tries to teach you how to start a small accounting and bookkeeping business. It includes accounting training, how charts and journal entries are used, what can you do as a bookkeeper with the Quickbooks software tool. And lastly, how to set up your profile correctly so everything is ready for you to start getting customers. 

Additionally, it also teaches you a quick sales training program. In it, you’ll learn about ways to find customers through classic prospecting methods like cold calling, social media, LinkedIn, Google, and Directories of businesses looking for accounting professionals. If you do this correctly, eventually clients will start looking for you directly, instead of you having to prospect more and more to keep your small business running. 

Following that information, the Booming Bookkeeping course also provides tips and skills on how to use the additional tools that you will be using while running your Bookkeeping business, like the tool they provide called the “Bookkeeping Services Pricing Calculator” that simplifies the way you know and calculate how much you should charge your new clients. 

The course is created by Bill Von Fummetti.

What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an accounting software for small and medium sized companies and businesses that helps you track expenses, create custom professional invoices, run reports, and much more. 

It has the ability to have everything in one software, link with your bank apps to get always accurate and updated data. Also, lets you claim every entitlement at tax time with your expense receipts stored in Quickbooks, and offers unlimited customer support. 

The software also lets you work “everywhere”, which means that you can work from almost every device like your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. The software is also a good choice if you have colleagues because it lets you create privileges for your whole team.

Booming Bookkeeping scam

Who is Bill Von Fummetti?

On his official site, Bill Von Fummetti, claims that he’s a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), from Redondo Beach, California. 

In his introductory video he tells you about how using cloud software (Quickbooks), and how he found a way to work not only with California clients but with clients all over the US. He handles their bookkeeping and taxes to help them allocate time to do the things that are most important to them: running their businesses. 

Afterward, he tells you how the cost of a CPA running your bookkeeping is not expensive anymore as it was before and that the reason is technology. It can be achieved thanks to cloud technology that automates many parts of the bookkeeping process. 

The core of his business is Quickbooks, and it connects it to other apps that help automate other parts like payroll, online bill pay, expense reporting, coding bank, and credit card transactions, etc. 

Altogether, lets the business have more accurate, timely, and customizable data that helps it make more profit. This is because, with accurate data, the business owners will make efficient decisions, and having a CPA involved in this process, helps make the taxes “absolutely” minimal. 

Bookkeeping is an investment for businesses

Therefore, Bill says that he likes to provide his clients and end to end bookkeeping to tax solutions. The bookkeeping expenses represent an investment based on the positive financial result the business owner will get if he decides to work with him.

Bill offers a free 15-minute consultation to learn about your business and how he can help you.

Later, he talks about how his passion is providing his clients with the financial information needed to grow their businesses and increase profitability while minimizing taxes. Even though his firm is based in California, he works with businesses all over the country and uses the platform Quickbooks because of its intuitive way of syncing with other apps. He then prides himself on the experience he's had with businesses in many sectors and how he saved them money and time.

How much does the Booming Bookkeeping course cost?

We have to start by saying that the course is very expensive because it costs $197 a month for 12 months. That is $2,364 in total for the complete course. 

Are there any additional costs in the Booming Bookkeeping course?

Yes, the tools that are needed to start your small businesses have a cost. For instance, you need to pay monthly to use Quickbooks. The are 3 licenses and are:

  1. Simple start: For $5.10 a month, you will have:
  • Tracking of income and expenses
  • Custom invoices and quotes
  • Connection to your bank account
  • Track VAT
  • Only one user and one accountant
  1. Essentials: For $7.80 a month, you will have:
  • Tracking of income and expenses
  • Custom invoices and quotes
  • Connection to your bank account
  • Track VAT
  • Generate insights and report
  • Manage employees
  • Option to have multi-currency
  • For three users and one accountant
  1. Plus: For $10.80 a month, you will have:
  • Tracking of income and expenses
  • Custom invoices and quotes
  • Connection to your bank account
  • Track VAT
  • Generate insights and report
  • Manage employees
  • Option to have multi-currency
  • Recurring transactions
  • Inventory tracking
  • Project and location tracking
  • Budget managing
  • For five users and one accountant

Booming Bookkeeping business reviews

Users are claiming that the ProAdvisor account was expected to lead some clients to their sales funnel. However, when requesting ProAdvisor profile to be listed in the Find a Pro Advisor directory, many users started experiencing problems.

Many requests were declined, even when the users had the certification to use Quickbooks, they weren’t going to be able to use my ProAdvisor profile to find any clients. So this means that without being listed,  you’re not going to appear in the searches. 

Eventually, the users experiencing this problem received an answer from the software Quickbooks on why they were being declined and it was because they were residing outside the US. They had to be in the US one time in the last 90 days. 

This wouldn’t be a problem, but Bill states in the sales pitch of his course, that you can have clients even when you are outside the US. 

Meanwhile, the users of the program decided to reach Bill for answers, and his answer was just asking about the information they uploaded to the platform, without really giving any real solution to the problem.

And it seems that users with this kind of rejection are all over the Facebook group for Bill’s course. 

Rejected by Google Business

However, this is not the only problem users are having. The other tool required to start your business as shown in the course content is using the tool Google Business. 

Google Business is a tool that lets you list your business on Google Maps and Google searches. But it requires some validations, and some users weren’t able to comply with the requirements needed. Google was asking for a photo of the business, and the vehicle used for it. Since this business model is online, their requests were rejected.

For Google business to approve your request, it requires your business to have at least one person on the address for it to compile with the site guidelines. Obviously, no one had a person at the address they were trying to register. 

And what is worse, you cannot use a PO Box to bypass this.

Booming Bookkeeping complaints

Booming Bookkeeping complaints

Some users have complained that the course is somewhat basic. 

While other users have talked about how the program is just a big sales training program, instead of teaching you the necessary skills to learn accounting and bookkeeping and be confident enough to provide value to your potential clients. 

Pros and Cons of the Booming Bookkeeping


  • May be good for someone who's good at sales
  • Flexibility to take the classes on a schedule that best fits you


  • It’s very expensive
  • Requires you to live in the US
  • Bookkeeping doesn’t have a high profit potential, and is more of a numbers game
  • It’s more for salespeople that have good prospecting skills. If you're an introvert like myself, you won't enjoy this bit at all!
  • With this course, you don’t learn everything you know about what you need to give a good service as a bookkeeping business
  • You're essentially getting yourself another "job", trading your time for money.

Is the Booming Bookkeeping course legit?

Yes. The course is legit, because if you learn how to be a good accountant and good at bookkeeping you can use the new technologies that are around today to start your small business and sell your services to potential clients all around the US.

However, the tools that Bill encourages you to use don’t do all the work. Instead, you will need to be reaching out to clients, either by cold calling, social media, Linkedin, or any other platform or method that lets you get a word in with small and medium business owners. 

Booming Bookkeeping review verdict

The Booming Bookkeeping course is not for everyone. First, you need to live in the US or visit the country regularly for you to be approved for the tools that are required to be successful in this business model.

Secondly, you will not get all the clients through the online tools provided. You will need to do a lot of sales tasks for you to get in touch with your potential customers. And this will mean a hassle for many people wanting to start an online-only business. I know that you’ll eventually need to talk personally to your clients, but needing to do it from the start and having to prospect (an arduous task for business people), might not be the best option for many. 

Additionally, most of the information provided in the course can be found online for free, so you might want to reconsider spending  $2,364 on this course when you can start by learning for free, and then analyzing if you still need this course. 

In the end, we think that there are better business models that allow you to develop passive income online. 

We hope that this Booming Bookkeeping review was helpful for you to decide on whether you should buy this course or not.

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