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Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is a US entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, philanthropist, author, and investor. He is the founder of many popular and successful companies like Acquisition.com, Gym Launch, A.L.A.N., and Prestige Labs.

Right now, he’s one of the most popular millionaires because of the content he shares online and his mission of talking about his experience on how he made his money.

He was born in a family with Iranian-American background in the US in 1989. He graduated high school from Gilman School, and for college, he attended Vanderbilt University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Human & Organization Development in 2011. 

He’s married to Leila Hormozi, and they worked together to launch Alex's first company called “Gym Launch.” He appointed her as Co-founder of Gym Launch in 2016, and later got married to her in May 2017. At the moment, Leila is the managing partner of Acquisition.com.

How did his career as an entrepreneur start?

Alex became a millionaire in just a few years. But how did he do it? His passion for fitness grew in his early years, and he even served as the Vice President of Vanderbilt Powerlifting. He had in mind owning gyms in California but had to work in management consulting in a boutique strategy business while he graduated. 

After working for some time in consulting, he decided to leave his job to start his entrepreneurial career. His first business called “United Fitness” was launched in 2013, and he worked hard to expand it across 6 different locations in just 3 years. The businesses were passing through some difficulties, and Alex decided to sell them in 2016.

Then, Alex changed his life completely and founded Gym Launch. He also created more than 30 highly profitable brick and mortar businesses. 

He then scaled his business by licensing to more than 4000 locations in just 4 years. During this process, he had difficulties providing the right supplements to his clients and decided to create his own supplements company called “Prestige Labs” in 2018. 

In 2019 he founded another company called A.L.A.N., and his most recent company, Acquisition.com was founded by Alex and his wife in 2020.

Where does Alex Hormozi live?

To date, his Linkedin account says that he resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth 

Alex has sold over $100 M in sales to date. His 3 most popular brands generate approximately a combined $85 M a year, and we need to add the earnings from his podcast, and two published books.

It’s estimated that Alex’s net worth is between $15 M to $20 M (estimated). He makes most of his money investing intelligently in rising businesses to help them grow through his expertise in monetization and customer acquisition. He uses all his skills to grow the business, and when the time is right, he sells his share. But scaling businesses to $100 M as he claims doesn’t mean that his net worth is of hundreds of millions like some people think.

Many sites claim that Alex should be included in Forbes’ list of people growing their incomes rapidly because they didn’t even mention him in 2022. However, experts differ in the actual data of his net worth because his main talent is growing other people’s businesses but that doesn’t mean he owns all the shares.

Alex Hormozi Philanthropy

Alex and his wife Leila are is also committed to charity. Some sources say that he has already donated several million dollars to it because he wants talented youngsters to have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. In 2019, they were revealed as the largest ever donors to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After-School All-Stars charity, with $1M pledged. 

Alex Hormozi Books

There is a part of Alex that not many people know, and that is that he is a renowned author of books. To date, he has published two books: 

  1. Gym Launch Secrets: The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Massive Profitable Gym
  2. $100M Offers: How to make offers so good people feel stupid saying no

His first book has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 154 readers and was published in 2020.

His second book was the one that made him more famous than he already was because it was a hit selling thousands of copies and receiving a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating with well over 8,000 readers.

Alex Hormozi book

Alex's book on Amazon

Facts about Alex Hormozi

  • He’s 33 years old (in 2022)
  • He is 5 feet 9 inches tall
  • His weight is 82 kg
  • He’s a fitness enthusiast
  • He’s always taken care of his physical appearance
  • He sold his licensing company for $46 million
  • He has appeared in different podcasts, including the famous “The School of Greatness” by Lewis Howes
  • His hobby is traveling
  • He’s a pet lover
  • He doesn’t have kids
  • It’s unknown whether he drinks alcohol or smokes
  • He joined Twitter recently in 2021, and with 1,500 tweets gained 128,000 followers

Social Media Presence

After publishing his second book, Alex also started sharing a lot of content on the internet after realizing the potential of sharing content online, and created his accounts for all major social media platforms. His most significant presence is on the social media platform called “Tiktok” where he shares small videos talking about entrepreneurship tips, comments, and everything related to it. He also talks about motivational topics.

Currently, he has more than 524,000 followers, and his videos have more than 10.8 M likes on the platform. On Instagram, the content he shares is similar to the one in Tiktok but mixes it with screenshots of his tweets. On Instagram, he has more than 588,000.

On Youtube, the content he shares has a similar tone but is longer. He usually shares videos that are around the 10-minute mark. His most popular video is titled “Watch these 55 minutes if you want to be a millionaire in 2022” and has over 1.3 M views. He also shares his Tiktok content in the Youtube category “Shorts.” His Youtube channel has over 522,000 subscribers and more than 33 M total video views.

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