Adam Cherrington Review

Adam Cherrington Review. Who exactly is Adam Cherrington? You’ve probably seen his YouTube ad (another ad about making money) where the protagonist (Adam) says he made $453,000 with affiliate commissions. But the weird thing is that he says he made it in just 30 days.

And now he is saying his new goal is to teach the secret of how he made it to 50 super affiliates. In this Adam Cherrington Review, you’ll learn everything about his method, if it's worth it, and most importantly, if you can make money with it.

Stick to the end to find out. 

But first, let’s talk a little about Adam Cherrington. Who is he? Where did he come from? How did he make his money?

Who is Adam Cherrington?

Adam was born in San Benito, Texas. His parents ran a plant nursery and worked long shifts. They divorced when Adam was 7. He admits in his biblical testimony on his website that he was a drug smuggler and that he was in a maximum security prison in Australia. It's brave to admit these things, and I totally respect him for that.

He got out of jail at 24 years old, and worked for quite a while in his father's business, a pest control company. 

His marketing story began in 2005 when he decided to make a living out of online businesses. He was still in a small college in Texas and about to leap into the music industry. However, after learning a little about how anyone could make an online site and share it with the world, he decided that knowing it was something of value and worth pursuing it. 

He dropped out of college and started learning about web development. But he couldn’t cover the costs, so he had to take a part-time job at FedEx to support himself. 

He became an avid learner, absorbing everything he got his hands on, including Photoshop, online marketing, and sales. 

He also started giving one-on-one teachings that allowed him to generate $30,000 a year, which was just the beginning. 

After speaking to many mentors, he understood that he had to learn and master just one form of traffic and took a course on SEO.

Adam got his start in the guitar niche

His first website was “Mad Guitar Licks,” an online education business where he made free video tutorials for you to get higher ranks on Google, Youtube, etc. He later sold it for around $10,000.

Using the rights keywords, his website started ranking top of the results in Google and became the most popular site visited for “free guitar lessons in the US,” with 400 visitors per day.

But he needed a way to make money from the site, so he created an affiliate market network so he could review and sell the guitar lessons.

After the video ended, there was a link that Adam included that took you to the reviews, and the site generated $129,900 in the first year. 

He repeated the formula and created more than 30 websites that operated similarly. His company generated $500,000 in revenue each year, and because he wasn’t paying for traffic, it was all free and coming from people looking for “free lessons.”

Adam Cherrington workshop

Screenshot from Adam's online workshop

Adam was "slapped" by Google

But later on, Google decided to change their algorithm and eliminated most of the websites from the first page, which caused him most of his revenue, about 90%.

His next step was creating a site involving a plugin for Photoshop called SiteGrinder with a friend. But the $80,000 in revenue after 10 months wasn’t enough, and they decided to shut down the site. 

After that, he spent most of his time creating course videos and writing affiliate reviews, but it didn’t last, and soon he was  just another entrepreneur with big ideas but no money to execute them. 

But he started partnering with another marketer, who became his mentor and helped him understand paid traffic. He suddenly realized that he wasn’t losing money doing this. Instead, he was testing to see what worked and what did not. 

He worked with his mentor for 2 whole years, enough for him to acquire the skills necessary, and after deciding he had the knowledge he needed, he decided to fly solo.

Alongside a new business partner, he cofounded an ad agency that helped small businesses drive traffic to their sites. But corporate life was not for him, and after two years, he went back to being an affiliate, and now he gets to spend time with his family and provide for them.

He’s also a member of a church in Dallas called “The Upper Room.”

What is Adam Cherrington’s net worth?

There needs to be more accurate information about the net worth of Adam Cherrington, but some sites have speculated numbers. They say that in the first 3 years, he spent $30 M in paid ads and gained $10 M. In the next two years, his expenses were $10 M, so they say that his net worth might be around $12 M.

Adam Cherrington Coaching. Should you give him your time?

Adam opens the conversation by saying that you need at least $10,000 for paid traffic if you sign up to his coaching, which is a significant amount for starters, so you need to consider this before signing.

The coaching will teach you the affiliate arbitrage method, a variation of affiliate marketing focusing on paid traffic to convert into sales instead of using free traffic.  

This method aims to test the campaigns and start segmenting the most successful ones. He starts with ads that cost him around $0.15/$0.30 per click and then scales by buying better spots ($0.50/$1.20 per click and then $1.50-$3.00/click).

The unique thing is that he doesn’t use big sites like Google, Facebook, or other social media.

Adam Cherrington Affiliate Marketing. What’s the cost?

Adam doesn't give away the cost of his coaching without scheduling a call with his team, but other sites report the following.

Aside from the $10,000 you need for your ad budget, you’ll have to pay the following:

  • $39,995 for 6 months coaching
  • $49,995 for a year of coaching
  • $99,995 for VIP service and sharing the profit 50/50 for 24 months.

Are there any additional costs?

It's hard to know exactly what additional costs there will be, but we expect there will at least be costs for high end hosting or funnel building software, and tracking softwares.

Adam Cherrington Media. Does it have any complaints?

At the time of writing, we couldn't find any complaints regarding the courses of Adam Cherington on Reddit or elsewhere.

This is definitely a good sign, although it may also indicate that the program doesn't have enough students to comment on it yet. In addition, the students may need to sign an NDA and they don’t have permission to talk about the coaching.

Adam claims that his coaching has a 95% success rate and that all of the students that followed his instructions where 100% successful. 

What do you get with Adam Cherrington's coaching?

Here are a few of the benefits: 

  • You’ll meet Adam for zoom calls
  • Access to 7 affiliate marketing networks: Adam will help you get approved
  • Use Adam’s team of virtual assistants
  • A collection of pre-recorded training
  • And a private group.
Cherrington Media review

Screenshot of Adam's free workshop

Adam's software tools

With the purchase of the coaching by Adam Cherrington you’ll get access to 2 Google Chrome extensions, which are CropBot and ScrapeBot. These extensions will help you locate and resize images from Google to insert in your own ads. 

You will also have access to to the following tools: 

  1. No Escape: It’s a tool that tests popovers on landing pages 
  2. DIYTrax: Landing page and URL rotator and tracker. It helps you build advertisement campaigns
  3. Flexy: It’s a lading page creator that has custom templates
  4. Pixelpress: This tool helps you test banner ads
  5. Metric Mover: You will be able to test hundreds of landing pages with this tool
  6. Blaxe: It’s a server of ads created by Adam. Usable only when scaling your business. 

There is also an app called the “Cherrington Media Mobile App” and is a mentoring app for iPhone. You’ll also have access to the Cherrington Media Community.

Pros and cons of Adam Cherrington coaching


  • It’s helpful for affiliate marketing beginners 
  • Adam doesn't use Facebook / Youtube / Google, and so avoids the risk of getting banned from those platforms
  • One-on-one coaching 
  • Reportedly high student success rate


  • Very expensive program
  • A significant additional amount is needed for paid traffic

Is Adam Cherrington Affiliate Marketing coaching a scam?

No. This coaching is not a scam. You can actually make money out of it and this business model has existed for years (Affiliate Marketing). But making money with Adam’s methods is not as easy as it might sound. 

To drive traffic, you need to master a lot of concepts like: copywriting, click tracking, conversion optimization, and more. 

Also, note that the income that Adam reports -- remember that $453,000? -- will not all be profit. Because he's using paid ads, there will be a significant overhead in that. Probably a 70-80% overhead. So, the net profit will likely be somewhere in the rage of $90,600 to $135,900. Still not to be sniffed at, but significantly less than the headline number!

The verdict

First things first: The method that Adam uses is simply affiliate marketing but with a different twist, so it’s certainly not a scam. Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while now and there have been a los of people that have been successful with it. So method is legit, you can learn it and use it. 

However, let’s be honest. Nowadays there is a lot of information around regarding Affiliate Marketing and you can learn most of the basics online and for free. Then, if you want to specialize in a subject, you can pay for other courses. And there is a wide variety of courses and prices, so you don’t have to sell your house to access them.

If you have the cash, and the business model interests you, then go for it!

But wile Adam seems like a genuine guy, and seems to get results for his clients, the price tag of his coaching will be well out of reach for most people.

We hope this complete Adam Cherrington review was useful for you to make a decision whether this is a program worth your time and money.

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