1k a Day Fast Tracks Review

Read this definitive 1k a Day Fast Tracks review to decide whether this program is for you. 

The course teaches its students ways to make $1,000 a day. While the claim seems like a stretch, there’s only one way to determine if this program is really legitimate. We’ve sat down and extensively searched the program to write a review you can count on!

What's more, I actually joined the program when it launched in December 2019, and I'll be sharing that experience too.

This article will discuss the person behind the program, its business model, and a few factors you should consider before enrolling. Read on so that you can determine if this program is for you or not.

What is the 1k-A-Day Fast Tracks Program?

In a nutshell, Merlin Holmes' program teaches affiliate marketing, but in a fairly unique way. He shows you how to build an email list using simple yes/no polls, promoted via native ads. 

Native ads are those "promoted post" ads that you see usually at the bottom or the side of a blog you just read. They're called native because they kind of blend in to the page, and look like you're clicking on something else on the site to read, but you're not, you're actually clicking on an ad.

In the span of six weeks, students are taught all they need to know to be successful in this field, from how to create effective templates to how to organize their inboxes. The program claims to teach you actual methods that work.

As mentioned in its name, the goal is to make thousands of dollars daily. According to the program, they’ll teach you a simple untapped strategy you could use to earn passive income. They claim you’ll need to learn email marketing and create a simple two-page website.

Merlin Holmes review

Example of native ads from LittleThings.com

In a nutshell, you will learn the ins and outs of making money as an affiliate marketer. By promoting the services and goods of others on platforms like WarriorPlus and JVZoo, you may possibly end up following the tracks of the top affiliates on the internet.

The program is based on the footsteps of Merlin, an individual who has made a lot of money through his business model. His advice is simple. Note down your projected earnings on a post-it or some other easily accessible location, and make sure you have your numbers straight.

Who is Merlin Holmes?

Merlin Holmes is an internet entrepreneur who has become successful with his affiliate marketing strategy. He has been in this space for over 15 years and has gained tons of success in it. His success led him to expand very quickly. Over the years, he has consulted for multimillion-dollar corporations, and taught tens of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Even though he has an eight-figure internet business, Merlin quickly points out that teaching others how to build a successful online business is not his primary source of income. Merlin constantly displays his own commission statements, in which he earns up to $14,000 per day. This definitely adds some credibility.

The Fast Tracks review

Excerpt from Merlin's workshop signup page

Seeing such figures, it’s easy to assume the course sounds too good to be true. This kind of success, in my opinion, is only possible after amassing very sizable lead lists (email subscribers). Finding a winning advertising strategy and determining the most effective follow-up emails will allow you to focus solely on scaling up your efforts. However, getting to the stage will always include a great deal of hard work and risk-taking.

What are the contents of the 1k A Day Program?

The Merlin Holmes Fast Tracks to 1K A Day includes a six-week training course.

There are also weekly Q&A webinars, delivered via GoToWebinar. However, at the time of writing, the last Q&A webinar showing in the members area is over three months ago, so it's uncertain if this is still ongoing.

Here is a breakdown of what the course covers each week.

Week 1: Introduction

In the program's first week, you'll have access to nine different lessons. It starts with a welcome video highlighting what you can expect from the upcoming weeks. It also guides you to find your way through its member's area.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the program, the next step will be to create a Clickbank account. Through Clickbank, you’ll receive your first batch of affiliate links. In the last lesson of this module, Merlin encourages you to start earning commissions within the first week by promoting your Fast Tracks affiliate link on social media..

Week 2: Poll funnels setup

Week 2 consists of 10 more lessons, helping you further learn Merlin’s methods. This week, Merlin will discuss his ways of building an email list using two main techniques.

Merlin guides you through setting up yes or no answer polls in ClickFunnels. He'll share ready made funnels with you in ClickFunnels. Note that this is an additional expense of $97 per month.

In the original sales webinar that I watched, Merlin stated that one tool costing $50 per month was required. He also stated that he'd gotten his students a special deal on a piece of software. I assumed not unreasonably that he'd got us a 50% discount on ClickFunnels, however it turned out that this was not the case. I found this pretty disingenuous, and it was the start of my getting disillusioned with Merlin and his program. 

Week 3: Email marketing setup

This week solely emphasizes email marketing. Your small website must contain a registration form so that you can collect emails from your visitors. In case they don’t purchase your affiliate products, you can still contact them in the future by sending them emails.

Merlin will teach you how to use SendLane, an autoresponder that automatically sends your marketing emails. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to format your emails, create campaigns, and keep track of your stats.

I was disconcerted by Merlin's recommendation of SendLane as it's quite a high-end autorepsonder. Subscriptions start at $100 per month, which is a big ask for a beginner, especially when you can get the likes of Aweber for free for up to 500 subs.

Week 4: Affiliate Networks and Automation

This module goes deep into Clickbank and CPA (cost per acquisition networks). Also goes into creating offers around your affiliate products, to gain a competitive advantage.

Week 5: Mastering Traffic 

Merlin will teach you how to use native ads to drive traffic to your funnels rather than traditional ad networks like Google and Facebook. In particular, he will demonstrate the use of a platform known as RevContent.

RevContent is a great tool to direct focused traffic to your web campaigns; however, this is the only traffic method taught in any depth inside of the course. Its emphasis on one tool leaves a vulnerability if it doesn’t work.

That said, Merlin does include a "Traffic Rolodex" which is essentially a PDF document with links to other traffic networks and platforms, that you can potentially test out.

Week 6: Amazing Money Model

In the final week, Merlin reveals what he calls his "Amazing Money Model". He found that in his experience, he would "run out" of affiliate products to promote to his lists. As a result, he came up with another way of monetizing his lists, which he calls "List Rentals". Sounds just like another name for solo ads to me, which is a concept that has been around for a while now.

Bonus Module: Traffic Optimization

Since I originally joined, a bonus module on traffic optimization has been added. The training seems to be at least partially delivered by Merlin's employee, Matt, and features another nine video lessons.

Screenshot of the Fast Tracks members area

How much does 1k A Day cost?

The cost of the program is one major factor that will help you determine if this program is worth it. The six-week Fast Tracks to 1K A Day program costs $997. I'm not aware of whether any split-pay options are available.

The program offers a money-back guarantee through ClickBank. 

Are there any additional costs?

On top of the program fee, the Fast Tracks to 1K A Day program requires you to pay for ClickFunnels, ads, and an autoresponder. So that would be $97 for ClickFunnels, up to $50 per month for an autoresponder, and I'd think you'd need at least $1,000 of an ad budget to get started.

Is the Fast Tracks to 1k A Day Program a scam?

While there isn’t a lot of information about Merlin Holmes online, we can confirm that this course isn’t a scam. It is based on a legit business model, affiliate marketing, which has been tried and tested.

That said, I along with many other members, did have a pretty bad experience when the program was first launched. 

I joined during the launch via Anik Singal's email list. Each module was to be released weekly, but Merlin basically stopped delivering the course after he passed the 30 day refund mark, and the rest didn’t appear for several weeks.

We were left without the vital info we needed to start running traffic, and there was zero communication with customers as to the reason for the delay, or when we could expect the remaining training. Comments in the members area were even disabled, and some comments deleted.

This left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, and by the time the remaining training materialized, I had basically lost interest and moved on to other projects.

Are there any complaints?

While the program is thorough with what it teaches, there are a few complaints many users may face. We’ve listed some of the most frequent issues faced by users who sign up for the program.

Hidden Costs

Aside from the program’s fee, you’ll be paying a lot to subscribe to the extra software the program requires.

Unless you  have the technical ability to build the funnels yourself, then ClickFunnels is required if you want to get a copy of Merlin's funnels. This will run you $99 per month.

You'll also need to pay a subscription fee for your autoresponder. Merlin recommends SendLane which starts at $100 per month, but cheaper options are available. As mentioned above, you can get started with Aweber for free, up to 500 leads. 

Furthermore, since this business model relies on ads to drive traffic, you’ll need a decent sized marketing budget to run ad campaigns. I'd recommend a minimum of $1,000, which is a sum that you need to be prepared to lose.

Pros and Cons of the 1k a Day Fast Tracks Program


  • A proven business model that has worked for many individuals in the past
  • Potential to make a lot of money through commissions
  • Use of traffic outside of Facebook & Google, which makes ad account shutdowns less likely.


  • Requires a decent-sized advertising budget that you need to be prepared to lose
  • Native ads are are not as easy as Merlin makes it out to be in the webinar
  • Q&A webinars seemed to stop about three months ago, so member support may not be what it was
  • Disingenuous marketing and bad experience at launch.

1k a Day Fast Tracks review verdict

The 1k a Day Fast Tracks program offers a six-week course introducing you to affiliate marketing. However, we’ve had a hard time recommending this program. For beginners, paid ads are risky, and personally I've lost thousands with paid ads. I always recommend free traffic if you're just starting out.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end of our 1k a Day Fast Tracks review, you deserve a medal!

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